Christmas Holidays: Four thousand flights cancelled due to Omicron

Ground Report | New Delhi: Christmas Holidays; Global air travel has been disrupted over the Christmas holidays due to the rapidly spreading variant of the coronavirus, Omecron, and more than 4,500 flights have been canceled worldwide.

According to the news agency Reuters, the flight-tracking website ‘’ says that on the eve of Christmas, airlines around the world cancelled 2401 flights, although usually more travel is made on such occasions.

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According to the website, more than 10,000 flights were delayed, with 1,779 flights delayed worldwide on Christmas Day and 402 rescheduled for Sunday.

 AFP news agency reports that pilots, flight attendants, and other staff of the airlines have telephoned when they are sick and told them not to come on duty or they have to stay in quarantine.

In this situation, Lufthansa, Delta, United Airlines, and many other airlines have been forced to cancel flights at a time of year when there is a lot of travel. United Airlines on Friday cancelled 185 flights, or 10 of them, which were scheduled to depart. (Christmas Holidays)

According to United: “This week’s increase in Omekron cases across the country has had a direct impact on our flights, crew, and those responsible for air operations.

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Similarly, the airline Delta canceled 166 flights. The company said it had exhausted all routes and resources, including rerouting, providing alternative flights, and staffing scheduled flights. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Eleven Alaska Airlines flights were also canceled. Employees say they may be forced to stay in quarantine after possibly falling victim to Covid 19. The cancellation of flights has added to the frustration of many Americans who wanted to visit their families during the holidays due to the epidemic. Last year, too, Christmas activities were severely restricted.

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