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Chinese flag in Galwan Valley? What's the whole story

Chinese flag in Galwan Valley; On the New Year, China has given a message to its people by hoisting the flag in the Galwan Valley near the

By Ground Report
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Chinese flag in Galwan Valley

Ground Report | New Delhi: Chinese flag in Galwan Valley; On the New Year, China has given a message to its people by hoisting the flag in the Galwan Valley near the Indian border that they will never give an inch of land. After the video surfaced, Rahul Gandhi tweeted and asked the Modi government to break the silence.

Chinese flag in Galwan Valley

Shen Shiwei, a Chinese journalist associated with China's state media, posted a video on his Twitter, in which Chinese soldiers are shown hoisting their flag in a valley area. While sharing this video, a Chinese journalist has written that the national flag of China was hoisted in the Galwan Valley on the first day of the new year 2022.

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He further wrote This national flag is very special because it was first hoisted on Thienman Square in Beijing. The Chinese regime had mounted tanks on them and blew them up with cannons. Thousands of youth were killed in this incident. After that, the flag which was hoisted there was allegedly hoisted by China in the Galwan Valley.

China has hoisted this flag in its border, but before this, a journalist associated with the state media, who has written anti-India posts several times, has shared it, specifically referring to the Galwan Valley, whose purpose is to provoke or tease India. Significantly, in June 2020, there was a violent clash between the soldiers of India and China in the Galwan Valley, in which 20 Indian soldiers were martyred.

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Rahul Gandhi question PM Modi

However, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Sunday asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to "break the silence" on Chinese "infiltration" in eastern Ladakh's Galwan region.

Opposition parties have been targeting the Modi government for dealing with Chinese incursions in eastern Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh. Gandhi said on Twitter, "Our tricolor is looking good on Galwan. China should answer. Modi ji, break the silence."

Rahul Gandhi’s tweet came soon after China released a video showing its military personnel unfurling the national flag in Galwan Valley on "New Year's Day".

"China’s national flag rise over Galwan Valley on the New Year Day of 2022. This national flag is very special since it once flew over Tiananmen Square in Beijing (sic)", the video tweeted by Shen Shiwei, a Chinese state media said.

Earlier, Gandhi had sought to corner the government after "renaming" 15 Chinese places in Arunachal Pradesh.

"Just a few days ago we were remembering India's spectacular victory in 1971. For the security and victory of the country, wise and tough decisions are needed. Hollow words do not win," he had said on Twitter on Friday.

Congress spokesperson Gaurav Vallabh hit out at the government, saying while China was renaming places in Arunachal Pradesh and setting up villages in Indian territory, the government was still doing $100 billion in trade with China. He alleged that India's response to the Chinese aggression in the last 19 months has been that of silence.

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