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China amended defense rules to prepare for war

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Chinese President Xi Jinping has signed a change order in China’s National Defense Law. After this, the Central Military Commission (CMC) will have more powers to deploy the army to protect the national interest. President Jinping is the head of CMC.

According to a report by The Hindu, China’s news agency Xinhua as saying that the new changes are focused on preparing for war and increasing capacity.

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Under the new change, whenever the interests of sovereignty, unity, territorial integrity, security or development are in danger, then it will be able to deploy the army at the national and local level.

The ‘interest of development’ reference has been added to the law. Experts believe that under this, China’s economic interests and assets abroad will be protected. That is, the army can also be deployed for the protection of the assets under the Belt and Road campaign.

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These amendments to the defense law will expand the scope of China’s military to geographic borders, maritime borders and electromagnetic networks outside the airspace and to outer space.

Experts also believe that with these changes, the CMC will have more powers. Also, the decision-making powers that were with the State Council or the Cabinet would also be with the CMC.

The major purpose of these changes in the law is to increase the pace of modernization of the Chinese army.

In the year 2016 too, President Jinping made many reforms and took many departments of People’s Liberation Army (China’s Army PLA) under the direct control of CMC.

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Seven military areas were reorganized and converted into five theater commands. The Western Theater Command of the Chinese Army handles the security of the border with India. It is also the biggest command of the Chinese army.

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