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Home » Chhattisgarh: Collector who slaps young man apologizes

Chhattisgarh: Collector who slaps young man apologizes

Ground Report | New Delhi: Ranbir Sharma, Collector of Surajpur district in Chhattisgarh, has to apologize after the video of mistreating a person went viral on social media.

He allegedly slapped a young man who did not follow the covid-19 lockdown. Also, his mobile phone was slammed on the ground and broke.

Now he has said that “I regret my actions and I apologize for my behavior.” I did not mean to insult anyone. “

According to IAS officer Ranbir Sharma, “He (the young man) said that he was going to get the vaccine, but he did not have the necessary documents. The slip they showed was not related to vaccination.

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“Later he said that he was going to take care of his grandmother.” But when he started arguing, I got angry and slapped him. He was 23–24 years old, not 13–14 years old. ”

Video viral on social media, such an incident has happened before. Some people were claiming on social media that the young man whom Sharma slapped was a minor.

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However, another person at the scene had made a video of Ranbir Sharma. It appears in the video that they are talking to the young man, when they suddenly snatch the phone from his hand and slam him on the ground.

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After this, they slap the young man, after which the security personnel standing nearby start beating the young man with a stick.

This video has been shared quite a lot on social media. People are writing that “these officers engaged in the service of the people cannot behave like this against the public.”

Earlier, a video from the northeastern state of Tripura surfaced through social media, in which another IAS officer Shailesh Kumar Yadav had raped people for following the guidelines of covid-19. His video also went viral, after which he had to apologize.

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