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Bill Gates shares his resume from 1974 on LinkedIn

Bill Gates shares his resume from 1974 on LinkedIn

Bill Gates, Microsoft co-founder and the world’s fourth-richest man, returned to his humble beginnings on Thursday, sharing his resume from nearly 50 years ago.

“Whether he’s a recent graduate or a college dropout, I’m sure his resume looks much better than mine did 48 years ago,” Gates joked in a LinkedIn post.

Before diving into his education and work experience, Gates included his “target”: systems analyst or systems programmer. He backed it up with his relevant courses from Harvard, his coding skills from two different jobs in his native Seattle area, and the small fact that he had worked in partnership with Paul Allen, with whom he would officially found Microsoft the following year.

Gates’s resume may have been par for the course in 1974, but it includes some details that today’s experts advise against.

The resume, which Gates typed on a typewriter at age 18, includes his then address (his freshman dorm) as well as some personal details that would be out of place today. He points out his height (5’10”), his weight (130 pounds), and the fact that he has no dependents.

During his first year at Harvard, Gates wrote his resume. He said that he wanted to be a “systems analyst or systems programmer”. He also revealed his height and weight, as well as the fact that he had no dependents.

Apart from this, the founder of Microsoft, while sharing his experiences, mentioned his proficiency in all the prominent programming languages of yore such as FORTRAN, COBOL, ALGOL, BASIC, etc. Also, his resume says that Gates had experience as a systems programmer with TRW. Systems Group in 1973 and served as co-leader and co-contract partner at Seattle’s Lakaside School in 1972.

Although the billionaire philanthropist says his resume needs more work, netizens commented that Gates’ resume is perfect and thank him for sharing the nostalgic moment. Gates’ resume shows that patience and perseverance can lead to success.

Netizens reacted to Bill Gates’ resume: One user wrote: “Great one page resume. We should all keep copies of our previous resumes to go back and take a look. Sometimes we forget how much we’ve accomplished in our lives.”

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