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Apple TV+ grows in the OTT market; while Netflix & Prime drop

Apple TV+ grows in the OTT market: Netflix keeps churning out mediocre content, in order to reach the masses. They are still finding their space in the Indian OTT market, amidst the increasing competition. Amazon Prime is also trying its hands, and expanding to Live Sports streaming to lure subscribers. And, Disney+ is raging high with its original Marvel and Star Wars shows. The show might not be receiving the reception they deserve, but definitely is getting the audience onto the platform.

HBOMAX’s growth has been steady, but low.

AppleTV+ Consistent Growth

Now, here is the surprise, the OTT platform which is outperforming everyone is AppleTV+. Yes, yes. You have not heard about any of the shows on the platform, but trust me they are brilliant. The giant tech company isn’t so keen on promoting their shows. They majorly rely on the worth of mouth. The low-key nature of their show also gives it a sense of ‘elite-artsy’ content.

Apple TV+ growth

Apple’s streaming platform saw a growth of 29%, while Netflix and Prime dropped by 19% and 14%, respectively.


Disney+ has seen immense growth in terms of subscribers, but the overall revenue remains. Netflix has one of the more expensive subscription plans. Amazon Prime increased the amount for their annual subscription plan, at least in India. AppleTV+ remains one of the cheapest, among the lot.

Also, the way the companies calculate their subscriber number is also contested by their contemporaries. Although, the fact remains that Netflix’s revenues are being impacted badly. Their plans of spreading in India are not coming to fruition. Disney+ is far from creating quality content as you expect from them.

Whereas, AppleTV+ is investing less in marketing and more in quality.  The shows like Ted Lasso and Severance are being talked about in the industry. But, will this tactic be efficient in the long run for the OTT platform?

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