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Anil Ambani and CBI Ex-Director Alok Verma also in Pegasus’s list

Anil Ambani and CBI Ex-Director

Ground Report | New Delhi: Anil Ambani and CBI Ex-Director; Phone numbers of industrialist Anil Ambani and former CBI director Alok Verma are also included in the Pegasus spy list. The report claimed that the numbers of former CBI special director Rakesh Asthana and former additional director AK Sharma were also included in the list of spied numbers. Maybe all these were also spied through Pegasus.

Anil Ambani and CBI Ex-Director

The list also includes the number of Anil Ambani’s employee Tony Jesudan and French company Dasso Aviation’s representative in India, Venkata Rao Posina. According to the report, the numbers of Alok Verma’s family members are also included in the list of numbers that are suspected to be espionage.

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According to the report, the numbers of Anil Ambani and his employees were included in the list in the year 2018. This was the time when the Rafale fighter jet deal was being questioned in India and it was challenged in the court.

Whereas Verma’s phone number came on the list in October 2018. This was the time when there was a tussle going on between the CBI officers. At the same time, the CBI had registered a case against Alok Verma’s deputy Rakesh Asthana. Both the officers were relieved on 23 October the same year.

French investigative journalism organization Forbidden Stories, in collaboration with 16 media organizations around the world, has published a list of numbers suspected of being spied on under the Pegasus Project. The Wire has said in its report that the number in the list means that it is suspected of espionage, whether the espionage was successful or not will be clear only from the forensic examination of the mobile.

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“By the second week of February 2019, by which time Verma had finally retired from government service, this entire cluster of persons ceased being of interest to the government agency which had added them to the list,” The Wire said. The case against Asthana was eventually closed by the CBI, which said there was no evidence to support the allegations.

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