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Amul milk becomes costlier by Rs 2 a liter across the country

Amul milk becomes costlier

Ground Report | New Delhi: Amul milk becomes costlier; From July 1, customers of Amul milk across the country will have to pay Rs 2 more per liter. A senior official of the Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF) gave this information on Wednesday.

He told that the price of milk has been increased after an interval of about 19 months. He says that increasing the price of milk became necessary because the cost of production had increased.

RS Sodhi, marketing director, GCMMF, told news agency PTI, “This increase in prices will be applicable to every brand of Amul milk such as Gold, Taza, Shakti, T-Special as well as cow and buffalo milk.”

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RS Sodhi says, “The cost of packaging of milk has also increased by 30-40 percent, the cost of transportation has become 30 percent and fuel has become costlier by 30 percent. Due to this the cost of production of milk has increased.” (Amul milk becomes costlier)

The new prices of Amul milk will be applicable in many states including the country’s capital Delhi, Gujarat, and Punjab. The company has increased all its brands by Rs 2 per liter. All Amul’s milk products Amul Gold, Amul Shakti, Amul Taza, Amul T-Special, Amul Slim, and Trium will get an increase of Rs 2 per litre. With this, now Amul Gold will be available at Rs 58 per liter.

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Due to an increase in the prices of milk, the prices of Ghee, Paneer, Butter, Cheese, Lassi, and Buttermilk, besides tea, coffee, sweets, chocolate, etc can also increase. The effect of increasing the price of milk will be seen in the kitchen of the common man because it is consumed daily in every family. 

Apart from the milk unions present in the states, there are many companies in the private sector like Nestle, Britannia, Namaste India, Patanjali, Ananda in the country, which sells milk and its products. These companies may also increase the price after the hike made by Amul. 

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