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Adipurush controversy: Reimgained mythological characters hurt Hindu sentiments

Adipurush controversy reason; One of the most anticipated movies, Om Raut's Adipurush, starring Prabhas, Saif Ali Khan

By Ground report
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Adipurush: These four characters are reason of controversy

One of the most anticipated movies, Om Raut's Adipurush, starring Prabhas, Saif Ali Khan and Kriti Sanon in the lead roles, has been in the news ever since it was announced. "Adipurush," a big-budget adaptation of the Ramayana, is already mired in controversy for multiple reasons: its depiction of Ravana and Hanuman as well as its inferior visuals.

Adipurush controversy

Netizens seemed unhappy with the way the epic story Ramayana has been depicted in the preview. In addition to poor visual effects, Saif Ali Khan's appearance as a bearded Ravana made social media users wonder if he is playing Raavan or "Babar" or "Alauddin Khilji" in the film.

Saif Ali Khan would play the character of Ravana in the movie Adipurush, and the trailer for the movie came out. Regarding the portrayal of Saif Ali Khan's character in the film, there has been a lot of debate.

People claim that the Mughal Emperor was the inspiration for his appearance in the movie and that he is nothing like Ravana. After that, the hashtag #BoycottAdiPurush became popular on Twitter.

Many actors have already played Ravana in the movie before this one, like Amit Trivedi, Amrish Puri and many more, but no one has disrespected him so much.

Ever since the teaser for Prabhas' upcoming movie “Adipurush” came out, controversy has started. Some make fun of the graphics while others criticize the character's clothing.

These four characters are the reason

Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra objected to Lord Hanumana's appearance wearing a leather belt.

In a report, Narottam Mishra noted that “the movie has objectionable scenes in the film, which is not well lit. What Hanuman's verses describe is nothing like what is shown in the teaser. Hanuman never wears a leather belt, he wears earrings with curly hair, he holds thunder and flags in his hand.

"Hanuman ji is shown wearing leather, whereas the description (in the scriptures) of the deity's costume is different… These are scenes that hurt religious sentiments. I am writing a letter to Om Raut to remove all such scenes from the film. If not removed, we will consider legal action," Mishra said.

Earlier in the teaser release, the film's visual effects drew criticism. The CGI-laden trailer drew criticism for its shoddy visuals, which included portraying Saif Ali's character as having ten heads as Ravana. One of India's largest visual effects firms, which did VFX on the Adipurush film, urged that they are not to blame.


Adipurush controversy reason

Another user seemed to be Shah Rukh Khan’s movie Ra. One as he compared it with Adipurush‘s VFX and wrote, “I don’t know what the heck was with VFX of #Adipurush But here’s VFX of #Raone movie of @iamsrkreleased in 2011″

A user wrote, “Even the shoes worn by Ram in Adipurush are an insult to Bhagwan Shree Ram. Shree Ram wore paduka not these type of leather Spartacus sandals. Everything about this movie is demeaning to Hinduism.”


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