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A dutch scientist predicts massive earthquake in Pakistan

A dutch scientist predicts massive earthquake in Pakistan

A Dutch scientist working for the Solar System Geometry Survey (SSGEOS), a Netherlands-based organization known for its seismic predictions, has predicted a major earthquake in Pakistan within the next 48 hours.

The SSGEOS specializes in monitoring fluctuations of electric charge in the atmosphere near sea level, which they claim are indicative of regions where stronger seismic activity might occur.

The Dutch scientist reported a significant surge in electric activity along the Chaman fault lines in Pakistan, sparking anticipation of a powerful earthquake occurring within the next 48 hours. This prediction has caused concern among the local population.

The Dutch scientist issued a warning about an imminent major earthquake in the country, specifying a potential timeframe of October 1-3. This scientist has a history of precise earthquake predictions on a global scale.

For instance, he forecasted a devastating earthquake in Turkey, and just days after his prediction, the nation indeed experienced a catastrophic earthquake that resulted in the loss of thousands of lives.

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The scientist indicated that a forthcoming earthquake was likely to strike Balochistan, attributing this prediction to significant surges in electrical activity observed along the fault lines in the region. He emphasized that this surge in electrical activity strongly suggested that a massive earthquake would impact the area within the next 48 hours. Pakistan, as a nation prone to frequent seismic activity, faces a high risk of earthquakes.

A magnitude 4.4 earthquake recently shook Pakistan. The earthquake transpired on Tuesday, September 26. The National Center for Seismology (NCS) confirmed this event with a tweet: “Earthquake of Magnitude:4.4, Occurred on 26-09-2023, 12:23:28 IST, Lat: 35.05 & Long: 73.86, Depth: 10 Km, Region: Pakistan.”

The prediction has garnered significant attention on social media, with concerned netizens expressing worry and urging authorities to take proactive measures to prepare for potential devastation. People are not inclined to disregard the organization’s predictions.

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Just last month, the Middle-Eastern nation of Morocco was rocked by a powerful earthquake, resulting in the loss of thousands of lives.

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