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9 of 10 people infected with Omicron fully vaccinated: Centre

People infected with Omicron; The Central Government's analysis of 183 cases infected with the new variant Omicron of Covid-19 has revealed

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9 of 10 people infected with Omicron fully vaccinated: Centre

Ground Report | New Delhi: People infected with Omicron; The Central Government's analysis of 183 cases infected with the new variant Omicron of Covid-19 has revealed that at least 9 out of 10 people had received both doses of the vaccine. Sharing the data of this analysis, on Friday, the Center said that the vaccine is not enough to avoid the epidemic.

People infected with Omicron

The Center said that masks and surveillance are equally important even after applying the vaccine so that the transmission chain can be broken. The analysis has been released by the Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan. This analysis shows that 27% of the infected are people who have not traveled abroad. This indicates that Omicron has a presence among communities.

According to this analysis, 87 (91 percent) of the infected had already received both doses of the vaccine and three had even taken booster shots. In 183, only seven people did not get the vaccine, while two people got the first dose. The Center has also told that the vaccination status of 73 people is not known and 16 people were medically unfit to get the vaccine.

Dr VK Paul, chief of the Covid Task Force, has warned that Omicron is more contagious than Delta. Dr Paul said that one person is bringing Omicron infection from outside to his house because he came out without wearing a mask. The rest of the people in the house will also be infected by that person. At Omicron this risk is greater. Dr Paul said that we have to keep this in mind.

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Dr Paul said, "I am saying this emphatically that there is a need to be cautious. Festivals and New Years are approaching and Omicron may be spreading its wings during this time. We have to be responsible. Go out wearing a mask and keep your hands clean. Avoid going to crowded places. Avoid unnecessary travels.

70% Omicron patients have no symptoms

The central government analysis said, "At the clinical level, 70 percent of Omicron patients have no symptoms. Delta infection is still high in India. "The total cases of Omicron in India have gone up to 415. Omicron has the highest number of 108 in Maharashtra, 79 in Delhi, 43 in Gujarat, 38 in Telangana, 37 in Kerala, and 34 in Tamil Nadu.

“Preparedness includes readiness at the level of the entire health care system. The private sector will continue to play a very important role in managing the pandemic … we ask them to audit and oversee their drug and oxygen availability and go back to their facility-specific SoPs, so we are really ready, ”said Paul.

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“Human resources are very important. To get the infrastructure up and running, you need commands. The government has gone to great lengths to build and train teams. It's the same with the private sector. So after the Omicron, the all-encompassing readiness is launched and implemented, ”said Paul.

During Thursday's Omicron meeting, Paul said, the prime minister's first message was about the readiness of the district-level infrastructure for a potential jump.

WHO statement on booster doses

On Friday, Paul, referring to the WHO statement on booster doses that it must be “firmly founded,” said: “The WHO documents say that the administration of booster doses must be firmly evidence-based. In general, it should be guided by science that is applicable to our situation; guided by the science that applies to our vaccines."

He added: “Basically you are reading about other platform vaccines used in different settings and with different comorbidities and age profiles to some extent. So this has to be evidence-based. India's science is very strong. Vigorous efforts are now underway to cultivate the virus and we will test our vaccines (against Omicron). Rest assured that the decision on adolescent vaccinations and booster doses will be based on scientific principles and the common interest of the people of India. ”

Regarding booster doses, Bhargava said: “There is a big discussion (about boosters) right now. The Covid-19 Working Group has discussed this issue several times. Discussions are ongoing. We analyze all the scientific data from all over the world and also from India: about T cell response, antibody response, with a specific vaccine and with a different vaccine. We are looking at how long it lasts after infection. "

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