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5 new iphone tips & tricks!

Are you an iphone user? Then these 5 tips are just for you! We bring all you ios users 5 new tips & tricks to make you an ios pro!

By Rishabh Mehta
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I Phone Tips and tricks

We bring all you iphone users 5 new tips and tricks you must know!

person holding iphone
Photo by Ylanite Koppens on Pexels.com

No backspace key in the Calculator app? No problemo!

Unlike Android phones, how annoying is it for ios users to not have a backspace key in the Calculator app? Press a wrong key and you have to redo the entire calculation. Well, not anymore! The answer is swipe. Left or right, your choice. Swiping left will delete the digit on the right side of your number and vice versa. How cool!

Copy text from anywhere

Ever came across a cool paragraph in a book? Or ever stumbled onto a quirky quote in a café? Wait, don’t start typing it! Just open the camera app and point your iphone towards the said piece of text. A small icon appears on the bottom right corner of your screen. Press it and all the text the camera sees is picked up on your screen. Copy, paste it in your Notes. et voilà!

Download multiple pictures in your browser

Feeling the need to download all the latest Met Gala trends & dresses? Best dressed and even the faux pas? Shoot up the Safari app in your iphone, go to the images section, long press the first image with one finger, scroll up / down with another finger. Tap the pictures you like to select multiple files. While holding the selected images with your finger, minimize your browser with another finger. Lastly you open Photos and simply drop the images. Hold, select, minimize & drop! Simple!

Screenshot an entire page!

Note: this cool trick works only with Safari. Firstly, take a screenshot. Now, instead of clicking on it, click on the send symbol. Now, click on “options” on top of the popup and select “pdf”. Select ‘save to files’ and save the entire webpage in your desired destination.

It’s about time!

This last tip is super cool! Simple yet amazing. Ever been in a situation where you’ve scrolled too far down a cool page and suddenly wanted to scroll back to the top? Don’t scroll all the way and tire your fingers just yet! What time is it? Just click on it. Trust me.    

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