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15 countries where drones are banned

New drone policy

Ground Report | New Delhi: 15 countries where drones are banned; Although until recently flying with drones was not legally regulated in most countries, currently, the increase in its use has forced the development of a series of rules in many of them and at full speed in order to limit their practices.

That is why before traveling to your destination you should know the legislation that each country applies on the use of drones, although I already warned you that many times it is almost an impossible task.

At the same time, many countries have clear, established laws on drones, as well as harsh penalties for violating them. By complying with the laws established by the state regarding unmanned aerial vehicles, you ensure the safety of yourself, your copter, and those around you. 

15 countries where drones are banned




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Do you want to know if you can fly your drone in all parts of the planet? 

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15 countries where drones are banned (Europe)

Europe currently has one of the most liberal drone regulations in the world. 27% of European countries with regulation related to drones are in the category “without restrictions”, more than 18% of the world average and most of any continent.

North America

While most countries around the world require drone pilots to be able to see the UAV at all times, 33% of North American countries allow experimental drone flights beyond the line of sight, the highest proportion of any continent and well above 22% of the global average.

South America

67% of countries with drone-related legislation in South America allow drones to fly, as long as the aerial vehicle remains in sight of the pilot. No country in South America has absolute or effective bans on drones. But while no country bans drones, only one country, Guyana, has provisions that allow flights beyond the line of sight.

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Middle East and Central Asia

21% of the countries here with legislation related to drones have absolute bans on these flying devices. Additionally, there are a number of countries with effective drone bans. In  Bhutan, for example, drone flying is only allowed by the government. Overall, 15% of Asian countries have effective drone bans, far more than the world average of 8% and the highest proportion of any continent.

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Rest of Asia and Oceania

56% of the countries of Oceania do not have legislation related to drones. Of the countries that have legislation related to drones, the majority allow drones as long as the pilots remain within the drone’s line of sight. No country has outright bans or effective drone bans.

In Australia and New Zealand, there are provisions for drones to fly beyond the pilot’s line of sight. Currently,  licenses that allow drones to fly beyond line of sight are limited among a few small aviation companies. According to the  RAND Corporation, licenses for experimental flights beyond the visual field are easier to obtain in Australia than in the United States.

15 countries where drones are banned (Africa)

More than half of all countries in Africa do not have legislation related to drones.  Of the countries that have legislation related to drones, 21% have a total ban on this technology. Another 13% of countries have an effective ban on technology. In Egypt, for example, while drones are technically legal with the permission of the Civil Aviation Authority, it is very difficult to obtain them.

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