PM Modi wears jacket made of material recycled from plastic bottles

Prime Minister Narendra Modi wore a sleeveless jacket made from recycled plastic bottle material to Parliament on Wednesday. He was seen wearing a light blue “sadri” jacket as he sat in the Rajya Sabha in the morning.

Prime Minister chose the outfit to promote the phasing out of single-use plastic under Indian Oil’s ‘Unbottled’ initiative.

The jacket was handed over to Prime Minister Modi by the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) as part of its “Unbottled” campaign on Monday. The Ministry of Oil and Natural Gas and the IOC thanked Prime Minister Modi for choosing to wear the jacket to parliament.

Modi jacket plastic bottles

Indian Oil Corporation aims to convert 100 million PET bottles annually to make uniforms for its shore teams and non-combat uniforms for the armed forces.

The process of making fabric from discarded bottles involves washing, drying and shredding the collected PET bottles into small fragments.

The chips are then heated and passed through a spinneret to form a polyester staple fibre that is given a fluffy, fleecy texture in a pressing machine. This polyester staple fibre is then spun to produce yarn that is then woven or woven into polyester fabric.

At the event, Petroleum Minister Hardeep Singh Puri said: “We remain focused on energy efficiency, promoting the fuels of the future, including biofuels and hydrogen, and increasing the use of renewable energy, etc”.

The two-burner solar stove can provide a green, clean, efficient and permanent solution to families’ cooking needs, he said.

Puri also said that the “Unbottled” initiative, which was launched today, is the world’s largest initiative to reuse and recycle 100 million PET bottles per year.

He said PET bottles will be converted into cloth for the front-line workers of Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs), non-combat uniforms for Armed Forces and other Institutions and Retail sales”.


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