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Home » Zero-Bedroom House Sold for $2 Million; What’s the whole story

Zero-Bedroom House Sold for $2 Million; What’s the whole story

Zero-Bedroom House Sold for $2 Million; What's the whole story

Ground Report | New Delhi: Zero-Bedroom House Sold; A house in the US city of San Francisco without a single bedroom, also called the ‘worst house in the best block’, has sold for about ً 2 million. According to real estate brokerage firm Redfin, the house, built-in 1900, is located in the New Valley area of ​​San Francisco, with an average value of 21 2.1 million.

Zero-Bedroom House Sold

The house was listed by Campus on the popular homebuilding website Zello, and was described as a ‘wonderful special for contractors’. The description of the house post also states that “this is the worst house in the best block, which makes it a great opportunity.”

The post reads: ‘This is a rare opportunity for you to build your dream home. Surrounded by many homes worth millions of dollars, this is the best opportunity in the block and you have the opportunity to make it as bright as the neighbors.

However, the post later stated that the property was “likely to be sold only after receiving cash due to its extremely late condition.” In the attached picture, the windows are covered with boards and white color is appearing from place to place.

outdoor space

The 2158-square-foot home also includes a kitchen that has been painted yellow, with appliances appearing to be broken. Although the post does not say that there is any bedroom in the house, it does have a bathroom, which is mostly replaced by a large bathtub.

However, the outdoor space in front of it is quite large and according to Red Dale the total area of ​​the house from this place is about three thousand square feet, and this is probably the reason why buyers are attracted to it.

According to the outlet, the house went up for auction in a conservatorship sale in December before selling for $1.97m on 7 January, a price that was $600,00 above the starting bid.

According to Redfin, homes for single families in the area typically sell out in 11 days, while a search of the Zello site reveals that the most expensive home for sale in the area at the moment is 99 9.9 million.

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