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World’s richest terrorist Organizations

World's richest terrorist Organizations

Ground Report | New Delhi: World’s richest terrorist Organizations; Money is what fuels any organization, whether it aims to build houses, sell goods – or commit horrific violent acts. A terrorist organization, like any legitimate business, needs capital to survive. The quick cash is used to finance general activities, pay salaries for workers, develop training camps, buy weapons and perishable materials, and provide transportation, and more.

But unlike legitimate businesses, terrorist enterprises cannot rely on debt or the issuance of stocks or bonds to finance their activities. Instead, they shift their financial efforts to underground operations above and around the financial laws of the economic world.

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Here is a list of some of the world’s wealthiest – and most dangerous terrorist organizations and how they make their money.

World’s richest terrorist Organizations

  • ISIS
  • Annual turnover: $2 billion

Main funding sources: Oil trade, kidnapping and ransom, security and collection of taxes, bank robbery, and robbery.

  • Hamas
  • Annual turnover: $1 billion

Main funding sources: taxes and fees, financial aid and donations (especially Qatar).

  • FARC
  • Annual  turnover – $ 600 million.

Main funding sources: drug production and drug trafficking, kidnapping and ransom, mining of minerals (especially gold), fees and taxes.

  • Hezbollah
  • Annual turnover:  $500 million

Main sources of income: financial aid and donations (especially Iran), drug production and smuggling

  • Taliban
  • Annual turnover  – $ 400 million

Main funding sources: drug trafficking (mainly production of opium and drugs), sponsorship fees and taxes, financial aid and donations.

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  •  Al-Qaeda
  • Annual turnover: $ 150 million.

Main sources of finance: Financial aid and donations, kidnapping, ransom and drug trafficking.

  • Lashkar-e-Taiba
  • Annual turnover: $ 100 million.

Main sources of finance: Financial aid and donations.

  • Al Shabab
  • Annual turnover: about 70 million

Main funding sources: kidnapping and ransom, illegal trade and pirate activity, sponsorship fees and taxes

  • Annual turnover:  $ 50 million

Main funding sources: trafficking and trafficking, aid and charity

  • Boko Haram
  • Annual turnover:  $ 25 million

Main Wealth Sources: Kidnapping and Ransom, Fees and Taxes, Security, Bank Robbery and Robbery

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