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World’s most expensive biryani Worth Rs 20k

World's most expensive biryani

Ground Report | New Delhi: World’s most expensive biryani; Despite political differences, India and Pakistan share many cultural values, one of which is a fondness for food, especially biryani, and a restaurant in Dubai has taken this passion to a whole new level by offering biryani with 23 carats of gold.

Filled with spicy spices and fine meatballs, this royal biryani is available at a restaurant called ‘Bombay Boroha’ in Dubai’s expensive world-class business hub, but the price is so high that even members of the royal family can eat it before Will think twice.

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Restaurant manager Robin Pinto told Arab News: ‘We wanted to create something unique and because it is presented with love, it is very popular among foreigners. We sell one to two dishes of this biryani a day.

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Pinto said most customers don’t care about the price of a thousand dirhams (21,000 rupees) because the restaurant’s Royal Golden Biryani is a unique dish and most diners don’t want to miss out on the experience. ۔

The Bombay Boroha-specific biryani was introduced in February 2020, a few days before the outbreak of the coronavirus in the Gulf state, but the restaurant remained closed for several months. (World’s most expensive biryani)

This special biryani is decorated with 23-carat gold foil. This dish takes 45 minutes to prepare and is served with skewered kebabs, chicken cream, chicken herbs, delicious koftas, and boiled eggs.

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The biryani is served in a large plate with broth and raita, which makes it even more delicious. In terms of quantity, this dish is enough for four to six people.

According to Pinto: “We believe that good food is even more delicious when it is shared with friends.” Dubai businessman Hussain Mansoor, who eats biryani, told Arab News that he had heard of the biryani and wanted to taste it personally.

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