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2 dead, 14 hurt in 5 Shootings in Savannah, who were shooters?

A wave of gun violence struck Savannah over the weekend, resulting in two fatalities and injuries to 14 others across five separate shooting incidents investigated by the Savannah Police Department. The violence unfolded on Friday and Saturday,

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2 dead, 14 hurt in 5 Shootings in Savannah, who were shooters?
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A wave of gun violence rocked the city of Savannah over the weekend, leaving two people dead and 14 others injured in separate shootings, officials said.

The Savannah Police Department is investigating five separate shooting incidents that occurred on Friday and Saturday. On Friday, one person sustained non-life-threatening gunshot wounds, while three shootings on Saturday left two individuals dead and another injured.

The deadly violence escalated shortly before midnight on Saturday when multiple people with gunshot wounds were discovered at Ellis Square in downtown Savannah. Police reported that 11 adults were treated for injuries sustained in the shooting.

During a news conference on Sunday, Savannah Mayor Van Johnson expressed his disappointment and called for an end to the senseless violence. "We are better than this," Johnson said. "And certainly, we will continue to insist that we are better than this. And we need to act better than this."

According to Savannah police crime statistics, there have been 12 homicides within city limits so far this year, including the two fatal weekend shootings. This number marks a sharp increase from the same period last year when there was only one homicide as of May 11, 2023. In 2022, the city had recorded 15 homicides by May 11.

The surge in gun violence in Savannah reflects a nationwide trend. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported 48,830 gun-related deaths in 2021, while a June 2023 survey by the Pew Research Center found that 62% of Americans expected gun violence levels to increase over the next five years.

The Gun Violence Archive, which collects data from over 7,500 law enforcement agencies, media, government, and commercial sources, logged 164 mass shootings and 6,268 gun-related incidents as of Sunday.

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