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"Skill Is Unique, It Makes You Different”, PM Modi on World Youth Skills Day

By shiwangi64
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"Skill Is Unique, It Makes You Different”, PM Modi on World Youth Skills Day

On the occasion of World Youth Skills Day, PM Modi addressed a digital conclave highlighting the importance of skills in times of a pandemic.

“Skill is something which we gift ourselves, which grows with experience. Skill is timeless, it keeps getting better with time. Skill is unique, it makes you different from others, PM Modi said.

World Youth Skills Day is observed every year on 15th July. It aims to create awareness about the importance of technical and vocational education and training (TVET) along with the development of other skills. It is important for both the global and local economies. Therefore, PM Modi stressed that not only the youth but anyone can learn new skills. This will help the country in becoming “self-reliant”. He then went on to differentiate between knowledge and skills and emphasized on the need for entrepreneurship.

“Skill, Re-skill and Upskill, is the Mantra to stay relevant”, said PM Narendra Modi during the video conference.

This year the theme was ‘Skills for a Resilient Youth’. It focused on the impact of Covid-19 on skill development and the need for the youth to develop a strong response.

“Covid-19 has changed the nature of jobs and then there is new technology which has impacted our lives too. Our youth have to adopt new skills”, PM Modi added. He then talked about the migrant workers who had to return to their homes due to the lockdown. According to the Prime Minister, those who had relevant skills have been able to restart with their work and earn livelihood.

The digital conclave in India was organised by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship.

Fifth Anniversary of Skill India Mission

This day also marks the fifth anniversary for the “Skill India Mission”. The programme tries to tap the benefits of the demographic dividend of India. That is to be done by giving training to the youth in not only traditional but also new areas. This will also lead to employment and enhanced entrepreneurship. Overall, it aims at creating space and scope for the development of Indian youth.

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Written By Shiwangi, She is doing her Masters in Mass Communication from GGS IP University, New Delhi.

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