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Not able to work at home during this lockdown? Here’s how you could focus on work

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As India is facing the reality of a 21-day lockdown seen March 24 to contain the spread of coronavirus (covid19) , working from home has become the “new normal” overnight and if properly managed, it can be just as productive as being in the office.

At the same time, number of employees suddenly experiencing the “freedom” of working from home may also be experiencing anxiety sparked by a lack of supervision and direction, having little time to adjust to a new way of working, fears of job losses, along with challenges of managing technology, keeping productive, staying connected and juggling family and work responsibilities.

Here are some easy steps to focus on work during the lockdown.

Plan and Prioritise

Spend some time at the beginning of day to figure out what you’ll be doing and the things that are a priority. It’s easy to run out of time or energy for work without a structured plan.

It’s equally important to plan time to stop work. The danger when working from home is that work and personal life can start to merge together, and you might start to feel like you’re always “on” this will help to separate work and personal life, maintaining a work life balance.

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Pick a space for your work

With the merging of our work and home lives, it’s become increasingly difficult to tell the two apart, especially if you’re not strict about start and end times, and constantly find yourself working all around the house.

Try not to blend the bed and the office, give yourself permission to a desk or an area that is for work only. Picking an area of the house as your ‘office’ will help you to find concentration and sense of place.

Focus on the positives

Try not to obsess over things; what will happen next? Will the supermarket shelves be restocked soon? How long am I going to be trapped in the house? When will this all end?

Instead try to focus your mind on more positive things. For example, despite Italy, being one of the worst affected countries by coronavirus, Italians can be heard singing from their windows/balconies to boost morale.

Keep to your daily routine

Get ready for work as you would on a normal and don’t be too comfortable and laid back this will negatively impact your motivation, focus and feel like you are working in office not in your home.

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Stay professional and be connected

Use video-conferencing set reminders to “show up” on time and remember to mute yourself when not talking, and make sure to be reachable and responsive during working hours.

According to studies, loneliness can be as damaging to our health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, so don’t isolate yourself completely.Ask how they are and let them know how you are!