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Why you should never put your phone number on Facebook

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According to an American study, when a user registers his mobile number on Facebook, he also allows his number to be used for marketing related things

Ground Report | New Delhi: Facebook’s security feature is “Two Factor Authentication”. The purpose of the feature is to protect the user’s account from hackers. In this system, the user first logs into his account and then enters his password. But after this, a code is sent to the user’s smartphone in the second step to confirm the user’s identity. Only after that the user accesses their Facebook account.

The security feature of Facebook has a lot of flaws, the most important of which is that it happens on the platform of an outside company. According to an American study, when a user registers his mobile number on Facebook, he also allows his number to be used for marketing related things.

Apart from marketing, companies can also search users on social media platforms with the help of phone numbers. This means that if you have someone’s mobile number, then you can easily find his profile. Surprisingly, this feature cannot be discontinued, but it can be limited to your Facebook friends and their friends list.

Johannes Kaspar, data protection commissioner in Hamburg, Germany, says that Facebook is cashing in on people’s concerns about security. He said, “Facebook is using data without asking users that are in violation of European laws.” At the same time, Facebook gives some other arguments on this.

Facebook has been quoted in the US media as saying that this feature of Facebook allows the user to find such friends through mobile number who are familiar with them but are not connected on Facebook. Facebook says that whoever misunderstands this process, delete their mobile number from the network.

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New feature

Amidst this debate, a new two-factor authentication feature has been launched, in which an authentication app designed by an outside company is used instead of a mobile number. Experts are considering app usage as a more secure way. At the same time, Facebook is still asking its users to use two-factor authentication.

Use in banking

In some cases, experts have been insisting on using the two-factor process. Such features are commonly used in banking. But user authentication via mobile phone is no longer considered safe because this feature depends a lot on the company that operates it. There is another drawback. The text messages on the smartphone are visible even when the phone is on standby, as well as the encrypted message associated with the security code on the phone does not mean any code. In such a situation, it becomes very easy for hackers to monitor such messages. Due to all such drawbacks, experts are now advocating the use of authentication apps, rather

Mobile Number Identification

Experts are now saying that giving mobile numbers on online platforms can be risky. Now many companies also ask for phone number from the user to set up an email account. Experts say that mobile number is the biggest way to identify someone. Through the mobile number, companies can monitor the user’s activities, so companies like Facebook, which rely on data, insist on the phone.

Feature resist

Tech entrepreneur Jeremy Burge has been opposing this feature of Facebook on Twitter for a long time. Former Facebook chief security officer Alex Stamos also criticizes the feature. “The two-factor feature of Facebook is jeopardizing its credibility,” says Alex. Some experts even believe that these features can prove to be a threat to those who oppose political forces, who want to remain anonymous.

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Due to this model of Facebook, experts have started to fear the fear of another data scandal. Kaspar fears that such disclosures related to Facebook may make users insensitive, and because of this, Facebook may ignore such things as data security and maintain its current business model.

Facebook has not improved

Like Alex Stamos in the past years, many big Facebook executives have said goodbye to the company. According to the New York Times, the executives who left Facebook did not agree with the company on issues related to data security. Even the post of Chief Security Officer in Facebook is still vacant. Somewhere it seems that a company like Facebook is not serious on issues like data security.

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