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Why #WeStandWithSuriya is trending?

Why #WeStandWithSuriya is trending

Ground Report | New Delhi: Why #WeStandWithSuriya is trending; Tamil superstar Suriya was highly inspired by late actor Irrfan Khan’s career choices and took a leaf out of his acting process when it came to the socially charged drama ‘Jai Jai Bhim’. Now On Twitter, the hashtag ‘WeStandWithSuriya’ is trending. 

Streaming now on Amazon Prime Video, his idea worked wonders. ‘Jai Bhim’, a thriller documenting the trial of a pregnant woman from an oppressed tribe in Tamil Nadu, has now surpassed ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ as the highest-rated film on IMDb.

“I remember watching an interview of Irrfan Khan sir where he said that he loves to dive deep into any subject or genre – be it romance or education or rural community. He dives deep into it and asks tough questions. I tried to do the same with ‘Jai Jai Bhim’,” Surya told GulfNews.

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The ‘Soorarai Potru’ star plays Justice Chandru in ‘Jai Jai Bhim’, the real-life lawyer who handled the case to protect the rights of an oppressed woman, an on-point role played by Lijomol Jose in the film.

“She was a stranger to him, but explores what it took this lawyer to stand by her. The film also touches on how our judiciary and police departments stood hand in hand and created an ugly The situation was resolved,” Surya said.

‘Jai Jai Bhim’ will raise a lot of questions on who we treat a certain community with and how they live their lives. It will be liked not only by the change takers but also by the common people. It might lead you to wonder why they are invisible in front of us or why we never bother about them… This movie also talks about how a lawyer stood by a voiceless woman.

Actor Surya said yesterday that he has decided to deposit Rs 10 lakh in the name of Rajakannu’s wife Parvathi Ammal, who was attacked by the police and earned interest from it every month. 

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Twitter user wrote ” We support Social Justice, We support Humanism, We are against Casteism, We support Inclusiveness, We support holistic Development of this Society. We support Truth”

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