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Home » Why UP govt dismisses Dr Kafeel Khan? 

Why UP govt dismisses Dr Kafeel Khan? 

Why UP govt dismisses Dr Kafeel Khan 

Ground Report | New Delhi: Why UP govt dismisses Dr Kafeel Khan; Dr. Kafeel Khan, a paediatrician of Gorakhpur’s BRD Medical College, said that the Uttar Pradesh government has dismissed him from his job. However, there is no official confirmation of his dismissal yet.

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Khan, was suspended from his services on 22 August 2017 amid reports about the death of around 60 children in a few days at the hospital due to lack of oxygen. Seven others were also suspended along with him, of which all seven, Khan claimed, have now been reinstated.

Speaking to IANS on Thursday, Khan said that he was waiting for a formal termination order, which would be given to him. “I will continue to fight for justice and will challenge the order in court,” he said.

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He said, “I was appointed from the UP Public Service Commission, so the government could not dismiss me directly. They had to take permission from the UP Public Service Commission, I am told that they have now taken that permission.” Kafeel Khan also claimed that eight people were accused in this entire case, the remaining seven people have returned to their jobs, some have also got promotions and are being sacked.

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In August 2017, several children died due to lack of oxygen at the BRD Medical College in Gorakhpur. This case had brought a political storm. The Yogi Adityanath government, which came to power only a few months ago, was being attacked by the opposition in this matter.

In this case, the investigation report filed by the investigating officer on 15 April 2019 was accepted by the Uttar Pradesh government. Dr. Kafeel Khan was found innocent in this report. There is no evidence of corruption or negligence against Dr Kafeel Khan, the report said.

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