Why Ukraine limit its relations with Iran?

Ukraine has announced the restriction of diplomatic relations with Tehran in the face of Iran’s decision to supply drones to Russia.

According to Reuters, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in a video address on Friday called Iran’s decision to supply drones to Russia “cooperation with evil,” saying a total of eight Iranian-made drones have been used so far in the war.

Ukraine and the United States have accused Iran of supplying drones to Russia, a charge Tehran denies.

Ukraine limit its relationship with Iran

President Zelensky said: “Today, the Russian military used Iranian drones for its attacks. Every case of cooperation with evil will be known to the world and will have similar consequences.’

Military officials in Ukraine said in a statement that they shot down four Shahid 136 ‘kamikaze’ drones in the sea near the port of Odesa on Friday.

The air force said separately that it had shot down a large Iranian drone, the Muhajir Six, for the first time, the Ukrainian newspaper Pravda reported.

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Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry had earlier said that the supply of drones had dealt a heavy blow to relations with Ukraine.

In a statement posted on its website, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said: “In response to such an unfriendly move, Ukraine decided to revoke the accreditation of the Iranian ambassador and the diplomatic staff of the Iranian Embassy in Kyiv.” It has been decided to significantly reduce the number.’

This message was delivered to Iran’s acting ambassador as permanent ambassador Manouchehr Moradi is currently not in Ukraine.

Iran’s arms supply to Russia

According to Al Jazeera, a statement released by the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said the Iranian official was told that Iran’s arms supply to Russia “directly contradicts Ukraine’s position of neutrality, sovereignty and territorial integrity and was” a hostile act that dealt a serious blow to Ukraine-Iran relations”.

Ukraine Iran relationship

Tehran has maintained that it has not provided drones to Russia and has said that Iran will not support either side in the war because it favours a negotiated solution. 

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According to Reuters, military experts say that Iranian drones will be useful for Russia for spying and dropping weapons. This will give Russia time to find and target suitable targets.

A senior US administration official said in August that Russia had suffered several setbacks with Iranian-made drones obtained from Tehran.


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