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Why Tumblr changes its policy to allow nude posts on their platform?

Tumblr changes its policy and allows nude posts, but with some exceptions

Tumblr, the blogging platform, has made a major update to its community policies: it will now allow nudity. Of course, the social network puts the line with explicit sex scenes.

The update came after many users asked Tumblr to have clearer rules for the sexual content that abounds on the platform. With the latest change, the platform allows many blogs dedicated to exploring nudity through art or erotic content to remain on the air, but at the same time respond to those concerned about blogs promoting explicit content.

“We now welcome a broader range of expression, creativity, and art on Tumblr, including content that depicts the human form (yes, that includes the nude human form). So even if your creations contain nudity, adult themes, or sexual themes, you can now share them on Tumblr using the appropriate Community Tag,” reads Tumblr’s blog post.

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What kind of images are now allowed on Tumblr?

Within Tumblr’s new content policy, content that includes: text, images or videos that have nudity, offensive language, sexual themes and mature themes is allowed.

On the other hand, any depiction of sexual acts as well as content that is highly concentrated on the genitals is not allowed. Tumblr has gone ahead of the funny and has clarified that representations of sexual acts in museum works or exhibitions with an adult theme can be published.

In recent years erotic content has taken a huge boost. Platforms like Only Fans have shown that anyone can monetize nudity and that it doesn’t always have to be through explicit sex. Although this discovery also created problems for social networks in which these creators wanted to advertise, but nudity was not allowed.

Tumblr, the social network founded by David Karp, has announced a major change to its community guidelines. From now on, content posts that include nudity or “sexual themes” will be allowed, as part of a feature that has helped users have better control of the content they view on the platform; community labels.

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“If your creations contain nudity, mature themes, or sexual themes, you can now share them on Tumblr,” the company confirmed in a statement. Tumblr, yes, maintains some exceptions to the possibility of sharing this type of publication. Specifically, it prohibits pornography, or any other type of explicit sexual content, as well as images that only focus on the genitals. They also highlight that the social network continues to prohibit “hate, spam, violent threats or anything illegal.”

Those posts that include nudity or visually non-explicit sexual content must also be marked with a specific tag. In this way, users who browse the platform can choose whether or not to see these types of posts on their Tumblr dashboard.

Tumblr brings back nudity after ban

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time Tumblr has allowed nudity on its platform. In fact, the company banned this type of content in 2018, claiming “there is no shortage of sites on the Internet that feature adult content.”

This change, in addition, was carried out months after Apple removed its app from the App Store for having found publications with child pornography. However, Tumblr’s decision caused it to lose 151 million page views per month. Which represents 30% of those present on the platform.

It is likely, however, that this time Tumblr will improve its moderation to prevent the platform from being filled with sexual content that could even involve minors.

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