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Why terrorists used Bicycle for bombing?

Why terrorists used Bicycle for bombing?

Ground Report | New Delhi: Terrorists used Bicycle for bombing; Prime Minister Narendra Modi appeared to establish a link between the 2008 Ahmedabad explosions and the Samajwadi Party (SP) during an election speech in Uttar Pradesh on Sunday, questioning why terrorists decided to lay bombs on bicycles, the SP’s election symbol.

Referring again to the perpetrators of the Ahmedabad blasts, Modi said: 

“Lekin inhone kya kiya… Yahan Samajwadi Party ka joh chunav symbol hai na, unka chunav ka nishan hai na, toh shuru mein jo bomb dhamake hue woh saare ke saare unhone bomb cycle par rakhe hue thhe. Cycle par bomb rakhe hue thhe… aur jahan log sabzi wagairah kharidne ke liye aate hain, wahan cycle park karke chale gaye thhe, aur ek samay chaaron taraf yeh cyclon par rakhe hue bomb dhamake phute. Main hairan hun yeh cycle ko unhone kyun pasand kiya” 

After Mulayam Singh Yadav parted ways from the Janata Dal to start his own party in October 1992, the Election Commission of India (EC) assigned the SP the ‘bicycle’ symbol.


The Bicycles had been used as carriers of bomb since 2006. As per the NIA’s chargesheet, bombs were tied to the bicycles and were framed in the town on September 8, 2006. 

In 2008, nine bombs were fastened to bicycles, the blast ended up killing over 70 people. In July, 2008, A huge bombardment took place and killed over 50 people in Ahmedabad. Even in this incident, some bombs were found to be tied with bicycles.

In Pune, Bicycles were found to be used as bomb carries in August, 2012. Furthermore, In 2013, bombs were planted using two bicycles at Dilsukhnagar market of Hyderabad. 

Terrorists have been using bicycles to plant bombs for a long time. They are simple and inexpensive to obtain anywhere in the world, and they boost the blast’s impact by adding sharp metal splinters to the explosion’s debris.   

The first recorded case of a bicycle bomb dates back to 1939, when the Irish Republican Army left a bomb in the basket of a bicycle that exploded and killed five people in Coventry, UK.

Thereafter, bicycle bombs were used in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s in the UK and Germany, and throughout the 21st century in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Iraq, Russia, and Spain, among others. countries.

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