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Why Stop Offline exams trending on Twitter?

Class 10, 12 Board Exams 2022: Here’s what students want

Ground Report | New Delhi: Why Stop Offline exams trending; Students have been posting complaints on social media against conducting offline exams amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The hashtag “#stopofflineexams” became part of India’s top trends on Twitter. It trended along with other hashtags such as “#studentslivesmatter” and “#cancelboardexams2022”.

Why Stop Offline exams trending

Due to rising COVID-19 cases across India, schools for physical classes have been closed and only online classes are taking place as per the schedule. This has put many students in a difficult position due to poor internet facilities in many areas and there are also students who cannot afford smartphones or laptops to continue online classes.

Keeping these concerns in mind, students have taken to Twitter demanding the cancellation of the upcoming Offline exams.

While many students can afford a phone or tablet and a laptop with good internet conditions, many cannot afford them. Also, with the rising COVID-19 cases, many students are also at risk of getting infected with the virus. Keeping these concerns in mind, students have taken to Twitter demanding the cancellation of offline exams.

Tweets from students demanding

Twitter user wrote “#stopofflineexams stop these offline exams man schools are teaching in their worst ways..also in online and half of the days classes are also not being conducted and viva practicals all these are going on.. #cancelboardexam2022”

Another user wrote “Don’t force us to take down on streets CBSE students also hv lives v also hv something called as mental health. #CBSE gave 9 months for a MCQ exam and for term 2 CBSE is giving us 2 months.what r v students supposed todo?die? V r depressed #stopofflineexams”

Another user wrote “One reason as to why demands to #StopOfflineExams, #StopOnlineExams arise is because of a less developed and advanced Educational Infrastructure. This is the third wave, that is the third chance to take precautionary measures for the Education sector. But, it’s all the same.”

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