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Save Gentleman Jack: Why this LGBTQ+ drama is important today?


HBO has announced that they will not co-produce the BBC period drama Gentleman Jack based on the real-life story of lesbian diarist Anne Lister. The news comes a little over a month after the series, a co-production with the BBC, wrapped its Season 2 run on HBO. The reason for the cancellation of the new season is low ratings. According to fans canceling this show is unfair, in a time of darkness where LGBTQ rights are in danger, this show is important to be shown. Therefore fans on Twitter trending #SaveGentlemanJack

Fans of this show are filing a petition on to not cancel this show because they believe that Gentleman Jack is important to show in a time when LGBTQ+ rights are in danger.

In an era of openly increased anti-LGBTQ sentiment and hostility, Gentleman Jack was a welcome mainstream gay love- story that touched many hearts (gay and straight!), and reminded viewers that gay love is normal, beautiful and has been around for millennia. Today more than ever we need more visibility -not less- if we are to have full inclusion and belonging in society. Keep Gentleman Jack, please!

Stephanie Evans-Bitten, Guelph, Canada

What Petition say?

Critic and fan reviews have been consistently positive across both seasons but more importantly, the show has had a massive cultural impact around the globe. It has inspired festivals, tourism, artworks, and more. A college has been named after Anne Lister, historical LGBTQ sites have been identified and recognized, and historical documents such as Ann Walker’s journal have been uncovered, all because of the show!

Gentleman Jack has actually changed lives; the BBC even commissioned and aired a documentary to this effect. It is a part of lesbian history, LGBTQ history, and pride history.

With all that’s happening in the world right now, with our rights being taken away, this is a time we need a show like Gentleman Jack the most. Representation matters so much, it is so important to so many people.

This petition is to remind the BBC how much the fans of Gentleman Jack love the show. We are asking the BBC to find a way to continue Anne Lister’s story with Sally Wainright and let this beloved creator finish the series on her own terms.

Please sign if you want to save Gentleman Jack!

What Gentleman Jack is all about?

The series tells the real-life story of lesbian diarist Anne Lister and stars the phenomenal Suranne Jones and Sophie Rundle.

This period drama, set in 1832 Yorkshire, is so relevant in the modern-day.

Protagonist Anne Lister, a woman who wasn’t afraid to live as herself. Lister was ahead of her time in that she owned and managed her own estate. She solely wore black and turned heads at her gentlemanly manner and dress, and she was not only involved with many women but decided to marry one.

More than just a period drama, Gentleman Jack inspires individuals to wear their identities like Anne Lister does her top hat — fearlessly, like they can take on the world.

If you want to know about this show more please read Alexis Yang’s blog on Medium

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