Why Saket Gokhale is in news, what’s the whole matter?

Ground Report | New Delhi: Why Saket Gokhale is in news; Social activist and TMC member Saket Gokhale has been collecting money through online fundraising campaigns, and has collected lakhs of rupees. Now social media users demanding details of the use of the funds, he is refusing to provide it. Saket Gokhale responded and wrote “Frankly there’s no “misapprehensions”.

Why Saket Gokhale is in news?

Poet and author Hussain Hydari raised the issue yesterday, demanding accountability from activist politicians over the use of money collected through fundraising campaigns.

Hussain further said that when people demanded transparency from Saket Gokhale, he often replied with “You didn’t donate to me” or “Take your money back”, adding that such behavior was worrying long ago. it should have happened.


Saket Gokhale responded to Hussain Haidry and wrote “Frankly there’s no “misapprehensions” just because someone takes up the same old thing every 6 months because they cannot debate on the points made. The dude is targeting me because the complaint I filed (1st one to file one in fact) was “not on TMC letterhead”.

In another tweet, Saket said “When I first raised funds, the page clearly stated that it was for my sustenance to do my work full-time without a job (not for Rs. 10 RTI expenses). The kind people who supported me are aware of it. You don’t promise “audited accounts” for your monthly life expenses.”

He further wrote “It started with a reply to criticism that “TMC is silent on Haridwar”. One pointed out that I, in fact, was the 1st to file a complaint with Haridwar Police. It then turned into “why isn’t the complaint on a TMC letterhead?” That’s not quite how things work but whatever.

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