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Why RRBNTPC Students protesting against railway?

RRBNTPC Students protesting against railway

Ground Report | New Delhi: RRBNTPC Students protesting against railway; Students who sat for the 2021 Non-Technical Popular Categories exam of the Railway Recruitment Board staged a protest at Bihar Sharif railway station on Tuesday alleging discrepancies in the results.

“The Railway Recruitment Board has created a discrepancy in the results of group D. Our future looks bleak now,” said a protester Ajit Kumar. “People have gathered here because the train services were interrupted for some time, but now the trains are running normally,” says Mukul Pankaj Mani, Additional SDM, Bihar Sharif.

RRBNTPC Students protesting against railway

Protests have been reported from many railway stations in Bihar state, Muzaffarpur Railway Junction has protests today. Previously, protesters had hampered train services at the Rajendra Nagar terminus station for nearly five hours, said Dr. Chandrashekhar Singh, Patna District Magistrate.

Applicants who have passed RRB NTPC CBT 1 will now appear for the RRB NTPC CBT 2 exam. More than thirty-two thousand open positions are reported to be filled through the RRB NTPC hiring process.

The Railway Recruiting Board (RRB) was scheduled to publish the result by category in CBT 2. However, it has been published in the result of CBT 1. One user tweeted: “You said you would pass 20 times as a candidate but really only you passed 4 times as a candidate, if this is not a scam, then what is this?

Several RRB NTPC hopefuls have taken to Twitter and other social media alleging multiple discrepancies and “inaccurate result statements” for RRB NTPC 2021. Hashtags like “#no_cbt_2_in_group_d” and “#RRBNTPC” have been trending on social media today.

Railway Ministry issues clarification

The Ministry of Railways had given clarifications on this contract. The clarification given by the Ministry of Railways said that nowhere was it mentioned that seven lakh different candidates would be selected for the second stage of the computer-based examination (CBT 2).

The second stage of the RRB NTPC CBT 2 2022 exam consists of a computer-based test (CBT) of five different levels and in which a candidate can be selected for more than one level based on eligibility, merit and election, depending on the release. So, in the list of seven lakh roll numbers, some names will appear in more than one list.

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