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Why Reject KFC is trending?

Why Reject KFC is trending

Ground Report | New Delhi: Why Reject KFC is trending; A job rejection letter by KFC has gone viral on Twitter and for all the wrong reasons. The fast-food chain turned a woman named Sophie Corcoran out of a job despite her prior work experience. Sophie posted a screenshot of the letter on Twitter.

Why Reject KFC is trending

Sophie Corcoran said she had applied for a position at a branch of the fast-food chain in Durham. He was turned down because he claimed he didn’t have enough experience – despite having worked at KFC two years earlier.

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“I can’t even find a job at KFC in Durham because ‘I don’t have experience’ despite working at KFC for two and a half years. I leave Durham. I want to go back home now. I just want my life back.” I am,” Sophie tweeted, sharing an image of the rejection letter she received from the fast-food chain.


Another user wrote, “Someone somewhere got a pat on the back for coming up with that email template.”

Another user wrote “They should be closed down because of all those puns in the letter.”

One user said, “That’s ridiculous. What more could KFC in Durham want from someone other than that they have already worked for them.” Another wrote, “Sorry no offence to sophie but that is the funniest rejection latter i’ve ever seen.”

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A third user commented, “Someone somewhere got a pat on the back for coming up with that email template.” Yet another added, “The most cringe rejection letter ever. Like they are addressing a kid.”

KFC issued statement

In a statement issued to KFC India Spokesperson said, “This video is dated and is now being re-circulated. KFC India has the highest respect for cultural values of all communities”.

KFC Spokesperson further said, “As a brand with a presence across the country, it is our endeavour to ensure our consumers have the same KFC experience whenever and wherever they visit us, and hence at present, we have a common playlist that is licensed and purchased centrally and played across restaurants nationwide.”

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