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Why Ranbir Kapoor threw fan’s phone after taking smiling selfie?

Why Ranbir Kapoor threw fan’s phone after taking smiling selfie?

Actor Ranbir Kapoor’s new video is going viral on social media. And not for any right reason, though! The actor’s fans and critics alike are upset to see him misbehave with a female fan who is seen trying to take a selfie with him.

On social media, a video of actor Ranbir Kapoor throwing away a fan’s phone after the boy tried to take a photo with him went viral. The actor can be seen in the video smiling and posing with the young fan holding a phone.

The man can be seen making multiple failed attempts to take the ideal selfie. This makes Ranbir Kapoor angry, then he asks the man for the phone and throws it away.

Now, netizens found Ranbir’s behaviour “rude” in the video. Many fans also shared that the actor is highly unlikely to lose his temper like that with fans. Some other fans pointed out that he was never seen to behave like this towards fans in the past.

Comments on the video suggest that this look like a promotional campaign for a phone brand. One of the comments read, “Looks like an ad.”

“It’s AD don’t mislead people,” commented one user. “He wants to get him a better phone!!” commented another.

The 16-second video appeared on various social media platforms and was shared by many verified handlers on Twitter along with the hashtag ‘#AngryRanbirKapoor’.

According to some fans, it is a cutout from a promotional brand of phones. However, there has been no official announcement yet. #AngryRanbirKapoor started trending on Twitter as soon as the video went viral and became a major topic of conversation on social media websites.

Ranbir smiles as the fan tries to take a selfie with him, however, after multiple attempts of trying to get the picture right, Ranbir gets annoyed. He holds out his hand, asking the fan for the phone. After he hands Ranbir his phone, the actor is seen tossing the phone away.


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