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Why Kannad translator of PM Modi is viral on internet?

Why Kannad translator of PM Modi is viral on internet?

During an election rally at Yelachagare Bore in Nanjangud on Sunday May 7, Prime Minister Narendra Modi abandoned the Kannada translation of his Hindi speech midway through his speech. The translation was done by former BJP MLC G. Madhusudan.

After speaking for a few minutes, PM Modi claimed that he was already receiving a response to his speech and people did not require a translation. He stated that Hindi was sufficient for the audience.

A few minutes after his speech, he interrupted the translation and stated that he was already receiving a positive response from the audience and that they did not need the translation as Hindi was sufficient.

During his speech, BJP senior leader Go. Madhusudhan provided an effective Kannada translation of the Prime Minister’s speech in Hindi, which received applause from the audience.

He then asked the crowd for permission to continue speaking in Hindi, stating that he would do whatever they wanted. The Prime Minister expressed his thanks to the audience for their love and support, stating that he was touched by his enthusiasm and that language was not becoming a barrier.

He also acknowledged that he was not a native Hindi speaker and made mistakes while speaking the language. He promised to appreciate the love and support from the Kannadigas.

During the rally, PM Narendra Modi accused the “first family” of the Congress party of trying to disintegrate Karnataka from the rest of India. He alleged that the Congress leaders believe that Karnataka is not part of India and are promoting its separation from the country.

He accused the Congress of insulting the patriotism of the Kannadigas and said that the people of the state would give a strong response to the party in the upcoming elections on May 10.

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