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Why Justice For Umar Riaz is trending?

Why Justice For Umar Riaz is trending?

Ground Report | New Delhi: Why Justice For Umar Riaz is trending; In Monday’s Bigg Boss 15 episode, viewers saw Simmba Nagpal getting more aggressive than usual with Umar Riaz in a task. There was a fierce fight between Simba and Umar Riyaz, in which Simba pushed Umar and threw him into the water. A video has surfaced on social media platform Twitter, in which it can be seen how Simba pushes Umar into the pool.

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Why Justice For Umar Riaz is trending?

During a task, Simba became violent and pushed Umar Riaz into the pool. According to Simba, Umar had abused his mother, after which he did so. At the same time, Umar said that he had abused not his mother, but for the things happening in the task. When Simba pushed Umar, Ishaan Sehgal appeared to intervene.

Twitter users tweeted, “How someone can do bad with this guy! People are taking advantage of his dignity. @realumarriaz now it’s high time show them , what you can do .. from now don’t be polite to any one, they don’t deserve EVICT SIMBA NOW” Meanwhile another netizens was seen reminding the makers how Bigg Boss OTT contestant Zeeshan Khan was evicted from the show after he got involved in a brawl with Pratik Sehajpal. 

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Netizens feel though Umar Riaz happened to ill-speak about TV actors, he later clarified and apologise to Jay Bhanushali. The tweet read, “Abhi #UmarRiaz ne jo daily soap walo ke baare mein bola thha ghussey mein uske liye jay se clarify kiya aur sabhse aur India se sorry bola.That’s how he is,if he realizes he accepts and apologizes.

Another user wrote “Don’t take his kindness for his weakness! He won with his ability and proved even if you all are against him he can still win! He has brains! Only 2-3 people voiced up for #UmarRiaz and that is Afsana, Ieshaan and Rajiv. Rest all are protecting image!”

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