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Why Justice For Jiah Khan is Trending, A complete story

Why Justice For Jiah Khan is Trending, A complete story

The verdict in the Jiah Khan death case, in which actor Sooraj Pancholi is accused, will be delivered by a CBI Special Court in Mumbai on Friday, nearly a decade after the actress and model was found hanged in her apartment. from Juhu in 2013.

The 25-year-old US citizen was reportedly in a relationship with Sooraj, the son of veteran actors Aditya Pancholi and Zarina Wahab. Sooraj was later booked under IPC Section 306 for allegedly instigating Jiah’s suicide after a note implicating him was found.

The case was eventually handed over to the CBI after repeated pleas from Jiah’s mother, Rabia Khan, and directives from the Bombay High Court in July 2014.

Jiah’s note had detailed allegations of physical abuse and mental and physical torture allegedly inflicted on her by Sooraj.

The prosecution questioned 22 witnesses, including Jiah’s mother, while Sooraj was represented by lawyer Prashant Patil.

Rabia Khan’s pursuit for justice

Rabia Khan, mother of late Bollywood actress Jiah Khan, has been advocating for justice for her daughter’s death since 2013. Jiah Khan was believed to have died by suicide, but Rabia Khan insists that her daughter was murdered.

In a recent interview, Rabia Khan shared that her pursuit for justice has been a long and arduous journey, and that she remains uncertain about the outcome. She has encountered numerous challenges in her quest for justice, including a lack of support from the film industry and the legal system.

Despite the obstacles, Rabia Khan remains steadfast in her determination to seek justice for her daughter. She has been pressing for a fresh investigation into Jiah Khan’s death, believing that there is more to the story than has been reported.

Zarina Wahab expresses hope for justice

Zarina Wahab, the mother of Sooraj Pancholi, spoke about the ongoing case involving her son and the late actress Jiah Khan. She expressed her powerlessness as a mother to see her son suffer and hopes that justice will be done.

She strongly believes in the innocence of her son and has faith in a higher power. According to Zarina, it has been a long and traumatic stage for her family, but she is confident that her son’s innocence will be proven.

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