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Why Justice for Harsha is trending? what’s the whole matter

Why Justice for Harsha is trending what's the whole matter

Ground Report | New Delhi: Why Justice for Harsha is trending; A Bajrang Dal activist, Harsha, 26, was reportedly killed on Sunday around 9:00 p.m. in Shivamoga, Karnataka. As per the latest reports, article 144 of the CrPC was imposed in the town. Security has been tightened in the city after the activist’s death.

Karnataka Home Minister Araga Jnanendra said schools and universities in the city limits will be closed for two days as a precaution. He further said that the young man was killed by four or five men, adding that he had no idea which team might be behind the murder.

“He was murdered by a group of four-five youths. I don’t know of any organization behind this murder. Law and order under control in Shivamogga. As a precautionary measure, schools and colleges in the city limits have been closed for two days,” the minister was quoted as saying by the ANI news agency.

Meanwhile, some thugs burned several vehicles in the Seegehatti area of the city, according to ANI. The firefighting operation was currently underway.

The southern state has been in the eye of the storm in recent days after a controversy erupted over a ban on Muslim girls wearing hijab inside educational institutions. Violent protests were seen in various parts of the state between young people belonging to fringe right-wing groups and those who extended their support to Muslim girls demanding their right to wear the veil.


Twitter user wrote “visited hospital and met family members of Harsha We demand #justiceforharsha Congress period 23 hindu activists murdered, than hindus voted for BJP. Now the BJP period also same brutual murders of hindus continuing.”

Another user said “Harsha, Bajrang Dal activist has been brutally murdered in Karnataka for sharing fb post. “ Hindus are getting killed over Facebook posts but these politicians & liberals find a piece of black cloth more important than their lives. ”

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