Why Justice For Ebbie is trending, A complete story

Ground Report | Kenya: Why Justice For Ebbie is trending; A classmate of Ebby’s, the female high school student from Gatanga CCM in Kenya who died at school in 2019 when she was in form one, recounted what happened before her death.

In a candid interview with journalist Lynn Ngugi, the classmate said that on the Monday of that week before she died on Saturday, Ella Ebby slipped on a soapy floor and fell sideways as she left the bathroom.

However, she took pain medication and felt better for the rest of the week.

On Friday night, she went on a two-hour cross-country run.

After the race, Ebby asked a friend to oil her long hair, but after doing so, the friend combed it against school rules.

During the night’s preparations, the assistant principal toured the classes and called Ebby into her office.

Ebby came out of the office crying a lot and her body was swollen all over. She went to the bathroom where her classmate followed her to ask what had happened.

Ebby said her agent hit her in the head with a Bunsen burner after she refused to shave her hair.

One of her friends explained that they had come from a cross country marathon and arrived at school later in the evening. Ebby had styled her hair differently than usual and asked her to fix it the right way to avoid problems with the teachers. Ebby told him that the time had already passed and that the next morning she will delay it.

Why Justice For Ebbie is trending

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