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Why JohnsonOut_24 is trending, What’s is whole matter?

Ground Report | New Delhi: Why JohnsonOut_24 is trending; In recent months, reports in the UK have revealed that Prime Minister Boris Johnson attended parties at government buildings while Britain was under a strict COVID-19 lockdown in 2020. His approval rating is now down to 22%, and it’s unclear if he’ll hang on to his leadership position.

In this episode of the FiveThirtyEight Politics podcast, two hosts of the British “Talking Politics” podcast, David Runciman and Helen Thompson, explain why the British public and some members of the Conservative Party have embittered Johnson in a way that American Republicans never have embittered about President Trump, despite Trump’s many scandals.

They also reflect on how British and American politics changed during the period when Brexit and Trump dominated the news cycles of both countries and consider their lasting impact.

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Now at the same time, MPs have launched a bid to force Boris Johnson to release Sue Gray’s full Partygate report – including the 300 photos she saw as evidence.

The Lib Dems have tabled an Early Day Motion to release “all evidence accompanying” the rallies in Downing Street and Whitehall, “including photographs”. Senior civil servant Sue Gray has collected around 300 images and passed them on to police, who are investigating 12 Westminster parties during the lockdown.

However, sources said she was not ready to release the images, which could include stills from CCTV, when she produces a second report. And this week it emerged the Cabinet Office Liaison Unit had asked the Met Police to confirm they would not be releasing pictures either, as part of their investigation.

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The Lib Dem motion would use the mechanism of a ‘humble address’ to order the publication of a ‘comprehensive and unresponsive report from the Cabinet Office’.

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