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Home » Why is #JusticeForZoya trending on Twitter?

Why is #JusticeForZoya trending on Twitter?

Why is #JusticeForZoya trending on Twitter

GROUND REPORT | SRINAGAR: Why is #JusticeForZoya trending on Twitter?; A former Kashmiri Sikh girl, who is in the midst of a ‘love jihad’ controversy following an uproar by the Sikh community over the forcible conversion of women by Muslims, has come out in her defense and said in a video that she ” voluntarily converted to Islam” and that there was no pressure from her husband.

Why is #JusticeForZoya trending on Twitter?

She released a video message saying that she voluntarily chose her new religion and is happy to be with her husband.

She said that earlier Veeranpal Kaur, she has now taken the name of ‘Khatija’, and there is no truth in the allegations claiming that “conversions were being done at gunpoint”.

“I voluntarily converted to Islam. The Sikh community has been very rigid for the past few days. I also saw my name on the surface, so I thought of recording a video and uploading it on the internet to prove my case,” she said in the video.

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In the video message, Khatija clarifies that both the court where she had registered her marriage and the cleric who conducted the rituals confirmed her date of birth and ensured that she would convert to Islam under any pressure. was not converting. (Why is #JusticeForZoya trending on Twitter)

Last week After the forcible nikah (marriage) of Sikh girls in Srinagar with elderly men the politics of Srinagar Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) leader alleged on Tuesday that four Sikh women were forcibly married and converted to Islam in Kashmir recently and demanded that they be returned to their families as well as a law against forced conversions.

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Members of the Sikh community took out marches on roads and highways across Jammu and Kashmir to protest against the alleged “abduction and forcible conversion”. Addressing a press conference in Srinagar, SAD leader Manjinder Singh Sirsa said they have taken up the issue with Union Home Minister Amit Shah and Jammu and Kashmir Lieutenant Governor (LG) Manoj Sinha.

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Now hashtag JusticeForZoya has been trending non-stop on Instagram as well as Twitter

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