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Why is #BoycottWomanKing trending on Twitter?

Viola Davis's much awaited film, The Woman King is has hit theatres but the reception to the few look isn't as excepted.

By Pallav Jain
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Viola Davis's much awaited film, The Women King is out at the TIFF ( Toronto International Film Festival), and people aren't really pleased with the glorification of slave traders. Yes, black people traded black people in history

The twitter gang has taken the makers of the film on social media, and are asking on tough questions.

Geoffrey Miller, an american evolutionary psychologist, author, and associate professor of psychology at the University of New Mexico, tweeted,

Someone please explain why Hollywood is suddenly glorifying an African kingdom, Dahomey, that prospered as brutal slave-traders from the 1700s until the 1840s, when British anti-slavery naval blockades finally overturned its power?

Another user replying to the tweet said,

The Woman King literally wants to “girl boss” .... “yasss queen” the very tribe that sold over half-million African slaves to Westerners. Hollywood trying to convince black people to love their oppressors by pretending only white people bought, sold and brutalized African slaves.

He directly questions the double standards of the Hollywood filmmakers. He also puts a link to a link to Dahomey wikipedia page. I don't know how incredible would that be.

Although, Millers wasn't only one who was questioning this, there were several other netizens who were trying to understand Hollywood filmmakers' rationale behind making such a movie.

While some are excited for the film, there is a sound of discomfort among people about inappropriate representation of history through a film. The makers claiming it to be film based on true event is bothering the people on Internet.

One twitter user, attached the screenshot with writer and story writer from IMDB, and tweeted,

Let’s be honest folk. It’s movie about a African tribe famous for selling slaves to Europeans that was made into a female empowerment story by two White women writers. You don’t have to be very “woke” to see the problem here. #BoycottWomanKing

This particular user questioned the credibility of the film, as well as how a film about black people but is being made by two white women.

An user with tweeted,

And the only reason they discontinued the practice was due to White People saying enough is enough. The audacity to try an promote this as empowerment. Pure Garbage! #BoycottWomanKing

People have taken criticism to another level, as they feel it is glorifying a history which shouldn't be done.

There are a lot of videos on YouTube explaining everything in quite some details. Something might be too horrifying to listen to.

What is The Woman King?

A 2022 American film, depicting the all-female warrior group in the west-African kingdom gf Dahomey during 17th-19th century. The film stars Academy award winner Viola Davis, and also stars, Thuso Mbedu, Lashana Lynch, & Sheila Atim.

THE WOMAN KING – Official Trailer (HD)

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