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Home ยป Why Hindi Is Not National Language trending?

Why Hindi Is Not National Language trending?

Why Hindi Is Not National Language trending

Ground Report | New Delhi: Why Hindi Is Not National Language trending; Food delivery platform Zomato faced criticism on social media after a user claimed that the company’s customer service executive “must know Hindi”. ‘HindiIsNotNationalLanguage’ is trending after the post went viral.

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Why Hindi Is Not National Language trending

After this many people started asking the same question on the chat with Zomato that is Hindi the national language? There has already been a voice against the ‘imposition of Hindi in the southern states, in such a situation a campaign has started on social media. To teach a lesson to Zomato. Uninstalling the app and asking Zomato to come up and clear its stand.

Obviously, the customer wanted chat support in Tamil, but the customer care person wanted an answer in Hindi. This triggered a conversation whereby the customer asked if Hindi was the national language of India.

Twitter user wrote “I just received an alert in Gmail about the stupidest question asked by some idiot. Why the hell people except every Indian to speak in #hindi which is #notnationallanguage. People has no brains who thinks Hindi is our national language.

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Another user wrote “But Hindi is spoken by 43.6% people. Even Bengali has more speakers than tamils, still they never cry. I don’t know what’s wrong with the tamils. They always have an issue with Hindi only”

“India is special because it has many people from different languages and cultures united together in a single country. If u can’t respect other languages or cultures, don’t call yourself as an Indian” another user Tweeted.

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