Why France is investigating Rafale deal?

Ground Report |New Delhi: Why France is investigating Rafale deal?; France is investigating the agreement reached between arms maker Das and India regarding the purchase of fighter aircraft Rafale. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi had raised this issue loudly before the 2019 general elections and made allegations of corruption in the name of the Prime Minister of India.

On Sunday, Rahul Gandhi tweeted, “Thief’s beard” after news of the investigation of the settlement in France started. In a sarcastic manner, he asked a survey question on Twitter: Why is the Modi government not ready for JPC investigation? Four options were given in response to this question: guilt, friends also have to be saved, JPC does not want RS seat, all these options are correct.

Later, Congress also made allegations against the government by holding a press conference. Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala said, “The investigation of corruption in Rafale case has started in France. No matter how much you suppress the truth, hide it, but the truth always comes out, because truth has power. The truth of Rafale scam is also out.”

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Surjewala said, “The revelations that have now taken place in France have once again left no room for doubt. From the first glance, corruption in the Rafale aircraft deal is proved, it is in front. What Congress and Rahul Gandhi have been saying has been proved today.

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Congress party become synonymous with lies: BJP

Responding to the Congress, the Bharatiya Janata Party accused it of misleading the people. BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra said, “Congress party today has become synonymous with lies and delusion. An NGO in France complained about Rafale and a magistrate was appointed there for it. But Rahul Gandhi and Congress regarding this whole episode. The way politics is being done, it is sad.”

Why France is investigating Rafale deal?

A judge in France has been appointed to investigate the 2016 settlement between India and the slaves. The French National Financial Prosecutor’s (PNF) office announced the investigation on Friday.

There have been allegations of corruption on this deal for a long time. But the PNF had earlier rejected the demand for a probe. But MediaPart, an investigative journalism website, after its investigation, alleged that the suspicions related to the agreement signed in September 2016 were being suppressed.

In April, Mediapart claimed that middlemen were paid hundreds of millions of euros for the deal, including bribes to Indian politicians and officials. Das, however, said his audit did not prove anything wrong.

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After the report of Mediapart, a French non-governmental organization Sherpa raised this issue. Sherpa, who works on financial corruption cases, filed a complaint against corruption in the deal, which prompted PNF to appoint a magistrate to investigate.

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What is Rafale case?

An agreement between the Government of India and the slaves of $ 9.3 billion, about seven trillion rupees was signed in 2016. Although this purchase agreement was started in 2012 during the time of Manmohan Singh government, under which Dasson Company was going to sell 126 aircraft to India. In this, the government company Hindustan Aeronautics Limited was a party from India’s side.

According to Das, the agreement was almost ready in 2015, but in April that year, the then Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi suddenly reached France. Narendra Modi, who became the Prime Minister in 2014 after defeating the Congress, reached France and made a deal on new terms instead of the old agreement.

In the new deal, HL was left out and a private company, Reliance Group, was made a partner, with no aircraft manufacturing experience. Under the new agreement, the deal was done to buy only 36 aircraft.

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