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Why do people die of ‘heartbreak’?

heart attack

Scientists have gone a step further in finding out why some people die in a heart attack.

Ground Report | New Delhi: Why do people die of ‘heartbreak’?; Scientists have gone a step further in finding out why some people die in a heart attack. Going through an event that causes long-term stress and tension can lead to a condition known as heart failure. Heart failure, also known as ‘Tact Sibo Syndrome’. The symptoms are similar to those of a heart attack and can include chest pain and difficulty breathing.

The condition can cause a number of complications and is thought to affect around 2,500 people a year in the UK. Most of the people affected are women who stop menstruating and in some cases, this condition can be fatal.

The study was funded by the British Heart Foundation (BHF) and is published in the journal Cardiovascular Research. It has been found that two molecules associated with an increase in pressure levels play a key role in heart failure. According to research by experts from Imperial College London, microRNAs 16 and 26A (small molecules related to how genes are decoded) increase the risk of developing this condition.


While working in the laboratory, researchers examined the heart cells of humans and mice and compared them to adrenaline (a hormone that regulates internal organ function) after exposure to two molecules. When the researchers examined the heart cells on which the microRNA was tested, they found that the cells had become more sensitive to adrenaline and were more likely to lose their ability to contract, so Changes associated with heart failure symptoms were observed at low levels of adrenaline.

 MicroRNAs 16 and 26A have been linked to increased levels of depression, anxiety, and stress, and it is said that long-lasting stress after a dramatic shock can produce effects that can lead to heart failure. Experts are hopeful that in the light of these results, it will be possible to prepare blood tests and medicines in the future (Why do people die of ‘heartbreak).

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According to Sean Harding, professor of cardiology at Imperial College London, “Tact sibo syndrome is a serious condition, but the way it has been developed has been a mystery until now.”


“We don’t understand why some people respond to emotional trauma in this way and many don’t. This study confirms that pre-existing stress and associated microRNAs could put a person at risk of developing Tact Sibo Syndrome in the event of future stress. There are many forms of stress and more research is needed to understand this process of long-term stress.

Professor Mattin Eukern, associate medical director at the British Heart Foundation, says: ‘Tactile sibo syndrome is a sudden and devastating heart problem, but we have limited knowledge of its causes. Thus it becomes necessary for us to learn more about this neglected condition and to discover new ways to prevent and treat it. The current research is not only a step towards a better understanding of this mysterious disease, but it can also lead to new ways of identifying the disease and treating people who are at risk of developing TB sibo. We need more research to determine if drugs that block microRNAs can play a key role in preventing heart attacks.

A heart attack often occurs after a serious event. These events may include the death of a loved one, a diagnosis of a life-threatening illness, financial loss, a loss of status or the loss of a relationship. There is currently no cure for the disease.

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