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Why do people die due to lightning?

Unexpected Domino effect of Covid-19, Lightning reduced by 8%

Ground Report | New Delhi: Why do people die due to lightning; Many districts of the state including Rajasthan’s capital Jaipur received heavy rains on Sunday. At least twenty people have died in the state due to lightning.

In the north of Jaipur, 11 people died when they were taking selfies. At the time when this accident happened, these people were taking selfies in the rain above the watchtower of Amer Fort. When this accident happened, about 27 people were on the tower and wall of the fort. Some of them reportedly jumped down when the lightning struck.

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Why do people die due to lightning?

In India, 12 disasters are officially recognized as natural disasters, but lightning is not included in these. Every year in India, many people die due to lightning. These deaths occur, especially in North Indian states.

In India, two thousand people are reported to have died due to lightning in a year. Obviously, lightning strikes in other parts of the world too, so why does India have the highest number of deaths?

The biggest reason for this is that in countries like America and Britain, the system of warning is better, people are told ahead of time that the weather can be bad in these areas, there can be lightning. This situation is not there in India.

Apart from this, the monsoon winds that blow in the months of June to September reach India in large quantities, due to the geographical location of India. Half of India is like a peninsula in the Arabian Ocean. Therefore, these monsoon winds affect a large part of India.

That is, it rains a lot in India. Monsoon winds reach at great speed in the northeastern states, there is a possibility of lightning in such places.

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Apart from this, in comparison to the rest of the world, many people in India come out of their homes for agricultural work and they are more prone to be hit by lightning.

Keep these things in mind when lightning strikes

  • If lightning strikes someone, seek medical help immediately. Touching such people will not harm you.
  • If someone is struck by lightning, immediately check his pulse and if you know how to give first aid, then definitely give it. Lightning often burns in two places – the place where the electric shock enters the body and the place where it leaves, such as the soles of the feet.
  • It may also happen that a person’s bones have been broken or his hearing or vision has been lost due to lightning. Check it out.
  • Do not go out immediately after a lightning strike. Most deaths are caused by lightning within 30 minutes of the storm’s passing.
  • If the clouds are thundering, and your hair is standing, this is a sign that lightning may strike. In such a situation, lie down and sit on your feet, keep your hands on the knee and the head between both the knees. Due to this mudra, you will have minimum contact with the ground.
  • Do not use an umbrella or mobile phone – electricity can enter your body through metal. The British Medical Journal has published how a 15-year-old girl was struck by lightning while using a mobile phone. He had a heart attack.
  • It is a myth that lightning cannot strike twice in the same place.

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