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Why Chirag Paswan got failed in making his party united?

The Pashupati Kumar Paras faction of Lok Janshakti Party announced the removal of Chirag Paswan from the post of national president

By sanjana tiwari
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Chirag Paswan

Protest erupts in Patna for the removal of Chirag Paswan as LJP’s national president.


Ground Report | New Delhi: The Pashupati Kumar Paras faction of Lok Janshakti Party announced the removal of Chirag Paswan from the post of national president on Tuesday evening. This faction has made Suraj Bhan Singh the working national president of the party, who will conduct elections to choose a new president. Earlier, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla has accepted Hajipur MP Pashupati Kumar Paras as the leader of LJP in the House on Monday evening.

CHIRAG PASWAN was removed from the LOK JANSHAKTI PARTY (LJP) national president after an emergency meeting of the LJP national working committee. At the residence of Pashupati Kumar Paras in Delhi in a meeting of five MPs of LJP, this major decision was taken. Ram Vilas Paswan the father of Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) as well as the father of Chirag Paswan now just in a year son is facing opposition from the party.

CHIRAG PASWAN tweeted in that “I tried but I failed to keep this party intact which was made by my father and my family. Party is like a mother and the mother should not be cheated. In a democracy’ the public is paramount. I thank the people who have kept faith in the party.”

Issuing the letter, Chirag wrote on his Twitter account, "I tried but failed to keep this party created by Papa and my family together. Party is like a mother and the mother should not be cheated. Democracy People are paramount in me. I thank the people who have faith in the party. I share an old letter."

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Chirag has been calling himself 'Hanuman' of Narendra Modi. But in the hour of crisis, from Prime Minister Modi to Amit Shah or any other BJP leader is not seen standing with the lamp. In such a situation, the question arises whether BJP has chosen his uncle Pashupati Nath Paras over Chirag Paswan.

Supporters of CHIRAG PASWAN put black ink on the poster of five MPs outside the party office in Patna. And also demanded the removal of all five MP’s from the party after a national executive meeting held on Tuesday.

What is the background of what happened?

Whatever has happened in the politics of Bihar on Monday, its real beginning seems to be with the Bihar assembly elections. Chirag campaigned with great aggression against Nitish Kumar during the Bihar assembly elections. During the election, rhetoric like 'Modi se koi bair nahi, Nitish Teri Khair Nahi was raised. This stand was opposed even within the party, but despite this, posters with these jumlas were seen on the streets of Bihar.

The national executive committee has unanimously decided to REMOVE PASHUPATI KUMAR PARAS MP, BEENA DEVI MP, CHANDAN SINGH MP, MEHBOOB ALI KESAR MP, AND PRINCE RAJ MP from the primary membership of LJP immediate effect. The national president of LJP CHIRAG PASWAN IS AUTHORISED to take all decisions in coming assembly elections on behalf of the party,” reads LJP resolution.

LJP leader PASHUPATI KUMAR Paras have been notified as the new parliamentary leader of the party in lok sabha parliamentary leader.

According to Paras steps have been taken to save the party. There are six MPs in our party. It was the desire of 5 MPs to save our party. So, I have not broken the party. I have saved it. Chirag Paswan is my nephew as well as the party’s national president. I have no party’s objection against him”. Paras said.

MPs are not happy with the working style of CHIRAG PASWAN after the death of his power, the former union minister and patron of LJP RAM VILAS PASWAN. LJP is currently a part of the national democratic alliance at the centre. LJP had also contested candidates against the JDU, which is also a part of NDA in the Bihar election last year .however, LJP did not manage to open its account in the elections.

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Why did the rebellion break out against Chirag?

The reason behind such a huge rebellion in the party against Chirag Paswan is being told that after the death of his father Ram Vilas Paswan, he started taking all the decisions himself. He did not take any opinion from any MP or party functionary. After the party's crushing defeat in the Bihar assembly elections, Chirag Paswan had distanced himself from many leaders of LJP. Not only this, but the MPs were also getting negligible.

Many party leaders believe that Chirag Paswan used to take every decision on the advice of political advisor Saurav Pandey. If party sources are to be believed, on the advice of Saurav Pandey, LJP fought the elections outside the NDA in Bihar, the results of which are in front of everyone.

Whatever has happened in the current political developments of Bihar, from the state BJP to the central leadership is already aware of it. BJP also knows that JDU's displeasure is with Chirag Paswan and not with LJP leaders. Therefore, only after the consent of the BJP, this formula has been decided that instead of Chirag Paswan, the command of the party and the parliamentary party should come in the hands of Pashupati Paras. Due to this, LJP remains a part of NDA, and JDU's displeasure should also go away.

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