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Why Caste of Indian athletes being searched on Google

Why Caste of Indian athletes being searched

Ground Report | New Delhi: Why Caste of Indian athletes being searched; PV Sindhu is making us proud by winning a medal for the country but what some Indians are most interested in knowing about her caste because people have different concerns when it comes to victories and achievements?

According to Google Trends, Sindhu’s race was one of the most searched subjects after her victory at the Tokyo Olympics. This worrying trend shows how caste prejudice still exists as a deeply rooted thought in Indian society.

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Why Caste of Indian athletes being searched

PV Sindhu became the first Indian woman to win two individual medals at the Tokyo Olympics, although Google Trends revealed that Indians were searching for her caste.

After Sindhu’s victory, there was a 700 percent increase in the number of people searching for her caste on the Internet. The people of Andhra Pradesh, where the Indus comes from, and Telangana were at the top in finding its caste.

Similarly, the religion of India’s boxer Lovlina Borgohain, who reached the semi-finals, was also searched on the Internet. Lovlina’s religion ranks third in Google searches related to Indian boxers. The people of Karnataka, Gujarat and Maharashtra were most interested in his religion.

The conversation seems to be trending on Twitter

Twitter user wrote, People googling for Sindhu’s caste are not doing it merely out of curiosity Data shows that they are more interested in the caste than her education or salary Show this to those who still say that caste system is not real in Urban landscape, this data is mostly from smartphones.

Another user wrote “ALWAYS! Less than 24hrs of winning the 2nd consecutive medal at the #OlympicGames , people are searching for #PVSindhu’s CASTE AGAIN! Happened last time too. Next would be Telugu states fighting over her, both CMs trying to beat each other announcing rewards.”

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How did caste come about?

The Manusmriti, widely considered the most important and authoritative book on Hindu law and dating to at least 1,000 years before the birth of Christ, “accepts and justifies the caste system as the basis for the order and regularity of society”.

The caste system divides Hindus into four main categories – Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, and Shudras. Many believe that the group originated from Brahma, the Hindu god of creation.

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