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Why Brazil is cancelling the deal of Covaxin with India?

Why Brazil is cancelling the deal of Covaxin

Ground Report | New Delhi: Why Brazil is cancelling the deal of Covaxin; In this pandemic India has supported many country’s of the world by providing many doses of Covaxin and Covishield. Covaxin is manufactured by Bharat biotech of India. Brazil has refused to take India’s biotech Covaxin.

Why Brazil is cancelling the deal of Covaxin

Brazil has ordered 20 million doses to the company. There was to be a big vaccination campaign from April 1. At present, this decision has dealt a big blow to Bharat Biotech. The company says negotiations are underway to address the objections of the Brazilian government. Soon a solution will come out.

Brazil has said that the Covaxin being made in India is not meeting the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). Covishield is currently being used in India with cocaine. The company claims that in the Phase-3 trial, the capacity of Covaxin is 83%. After America, Corona has caused the most havoc in any country, then it is Brazil.

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A series of discrepancies

Lower house member Luis Miranda, while addressing a congressional committee investigating Bolsonaro’s pandemic late Thursday, said he had a meeting with the president in March during which he visited India. He described several irregularities in the purchase of cocaine vaccines manufactured by India Biotech. International Limited

During the talks, as Miranda said, Bolsonaro blamed his leader in the lower house, Ricardo Barros, for interfering with the health ministry, but did not back down.

Luis Ricardo Miranda, the legislator’s brother and a health ministry official, told senators that an analysis of vaccine purchase documents found the India biotech did not match the text of the agreement. Ministry. He said that some of the difference would be in the case of payments, food rations and intermediary companies.

“According to the preliminary analysis of the CGU, there are no irregularities in the contract but, for compliance, the health ministry chose to suspend the contract,” the ministry said in a statement.

CNN Brazil had earlier reported that the ministry had decided to cancel the contract. In a statement, Bharat Biotech said it had followed a “step-by-step” approach for the regulatory approval and supply contract of its vaccine in Brazil and had not received advance payments from the health ministry.

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Brazilian federal opened an investigation

Brazilian federal prosecutors have opened an investigation into the deal, citing comparatively high prices, quick talks, and pending regulatory approvals as red flags. It is also being probed by a Senate panel investigating the government’s handling of the pandemic. (Why Brazil is cancelling the deal of Covaxin)

Sources say that Bharat Biotech will be shocked by this. There are already clouds of doubt about Covisheild. Now the company has to be five-six with the questions arising about Covaxin. This will create a lack in the credibility of the vaccine. 

 The way the speed of corona is increasing, by banning the import of the vaccine, the virus is spreading more quickly.

Why Brazil is cancelling the deal of Covaxin (Allegation)

Bharat Biotech, as quoted by international news agencies, said in a statement: “The statement said Madison Biotech was its global sales and marketing unit. (Why Brazil is cancelling the deal of Covaxin)

Regarding vaccine prices, Bharat Biotech had earlier announced that the price of its vaccine has been fixed at $15-20 per band dose for foreign governments. The agreement between Brazil and Bharat Biotech shows the same extent. India Biotech said, as told to Reuters, however, that no official vaccine approval and other official publication of procurement could be sent due to lack of daylight.

On June 22, Brazil’s health ministry said in a statement that it had not paid India Biotech. And the matter was taken up legally. The president has also accused the Miranda brothers of campaigning against him. Experts suggest the controversy could hurt the prospects of Bolsonaro, who is already on the radar for misdiagnosing the Cowboys crisis.

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