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Why #BoycottTampax is trending on Twitter?

Why #BoycottTampax is trending on Twitter?

Tampax has been accused of “sexualizing women” after posting a controversial tweet that went viral and led to calls for a boycott of the company. The American branch of the sanitary hygiene brand posted on Monday: “You are in their DMs. We are in them. We are not the same.”

In a follow-up tweet, they added, “Refused to let Twitter shut down before sharing this tweet,” a reference to the social media platform’s turbulent status following Elon Musk’s recent takeover and rumours that the site is on the verge of collapse.

Twitter users expressed outrage and disbelief at the comments and said they would no longer buy the leading US brand.

“What the fuck is Tampax? Misogynistic bullshit, you’re supposed to represent women, not demoralize us,” one user wrote.

Another user wrote “BoycottTampax is trending. Already there for me after this post previously came out. All humans are “people that bleed,” only female humans experience periods & we deserve humanizing words…those words are women & girls. If some reject those words, it doesn’t change reality.”


“That is a revolting statement. ‘You’ are providers/manufacturers of a serviceable product used for women & girls’ menstrual care. That you can even frame this as being inside us is just insulting. Feel some shame & show some respect to the women & girls who are your customers,” tweeted another.

The tweet has been online for almost 24 hours, attracting 308,000 likes, 21,000 quote tweets and 40,000 retweets.

“Did I miss something? I saw Tampax anthropomorphising a tampon like it’s engaged in some toxic masculine conquest bravado. Insinuating that a menstrual product enjoys some kind of elevated status because they get to be inside us is absolutely sexualising. Felt violating tbh!” wrote another.

Boycott Tampax

Disgusting tweet. Women get all sorts of sexual innuendos from creepy men enough without companies that are made for us making light of it. Not that I use your products anymore. Period pants or store brand tampons for me. Thanks for reminding me that I’ve made a good choice.

Why’s that? I’m a 65 year old guy and I don’t have a problem with it. I actually think it’s a pretty smart, unique ad tactic. Humans have bodily functions, some that need products to deal with them. If ads can be put all over the place because of erectile dysfunction, this is ok!

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