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Why Blacklist Pakistan is trending?

Why Blacklist Pakistan is trending

Ground Report | New Delhi: Why Blacklist Pakistan is trending; BlacklistPakistan is trending on Twitter. As per reports Taliban were forcibly handing over Afghan young girls to Pakistani youths for marriage.

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Why Blacklist Pakistan is trending

Afghan civil society experts are calling for the help and support of women who are fighting the Taliban bravely. According to a statement posted on FIFA’s website last Friday, about 100 members of Afghan families of soccer players, including women, managed to fly to Qatar after extremely complicated negotiations.

FIFA’s statement also pointed out that these individuals were at “the greatest risk” in their home country. Meanwhile, members of the Afghanistan women’s soccer junior team have also left the country for Portugal, and Afghan women cyclists have also managed to leave the country with the help of the International Cycling Association UCI.

Kubra Khademi, an Afghan woman artist based in Paris, pointed to the oppression and abuse of Afghan women in an interview with the German daily Frankfurter Allgemeine. She said the Taliban were forcibly handing over Afghan young girls to Pakistani youths for marriage.

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In this way, the boys born to such couples will be ideological supporters of the Taliban, and thus the Taliban will be able to train their next generation in their own way and a new generation of Taliban will grow.

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Twitter user wrote “ISIS is now believed to be operational from 18 countries across the world, including Pakistan. ISIS has created an ideological space for itself in Pakistan by creating deep divisions between the existing teποπist groups, like the JuD, SSP and TTP.”

Another user wrote ASWJ also threw its influential backing behind 70 candidates from Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party, which won and formed the government. Explains why govt lifted ban on teποπist org ASWJ.


Pakistan almost got into the FATF’s blacklist but somehow China, Turkey and Malaysia saved the day for it. But despite all these terrorists still operate freely, they run recruitment drives on the name of “Jihad” Another user tweeted.

I support this trend. Because Pakistan being the factory of terrorists and terrorism and its biggest distribution house needs to be tamed. The only possibility is via economic embargos. Pakistan needs to be put immdtly in FATF black list and blacklisted by USA. Another user tweeted.

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