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Who’s where in the world’s most charitable countries

Most charitable countries

Rich countries such as the US, Canada, Ireland, the UK, and the Netherlands slipped in the rankings

Ground Report | New Delhi: Most charitable countries; To save the world from the outbreak of the covid epidemic, India had helped many countries under the ‘Vaccine Friendship’ initiative. For these reasons, according to this year’s “World Giving Index” (World Donor Index) report, India has been described as the 14th most philanthropic country in the world.

India came from 82nd to 14th place

A report has been released by the British organization Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) about how many people have helped unknown people in the world in the year 2020. India has jumped 68 places in the “World Giving Index”.

According to the index of the Charities Aid Foundation, Indonesia ranked first in this ranking, while Kenya got second place. This time four countries of Africa were included in the top ten liberal countries.

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The report also mentions the charity work done during the covid-19 epidemic. This year’s survey also talked about the effects of the lockdown on charity and philanthropic activities.

Helping strangers

Most charitable countries; According to the World Giving Index 2021, last year, about three billion adult people in the world helped someone they did not even know.

Indians helped openly

According to this report, there was a significant increase in charity and philanthropic activities in India between 2017-2019 and in the year 2020 also many Indians were involved in helping others. People of all age groups in India donated openly this year. According to statistics, 61 percent of Indians helped unknown people. In India, where 34 percent of people themselves came forward for help, 36 percent of people helped financially. The trend of helping people was more in poor countries than in rich countries.

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Condition of rich countries

Most charitable countries; Rich countries such as the US, Canada, Ireland, the UK, and the Netherlands slipped in the rankings. Japan ranks last in the category of top 10 countries helping strangers. The Charities Aid Foundation is a UK-based organization that annually releases rankings of around 140 countries in the world. Since 2009, it has interviewed about 16 lakh people in this regard.

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